The Unique Item Tayshia Adams Keeps In Her Purse For Good Luck

Tayshia Adams has been living a very public life since her run as The Bachelorette in Season 16. The stunning reality star landed her man when she got engaged to fan-favorite contestant Zac Clark at the end of her season (via Parade). Of course, the season will be remembered for being one of the most dramatic of all time thanks to Clare Crawley. Crawley was originally cast as The Bachelorette but opted to quit the show after just a few weeks when she insisted that she found her future husband in Dale Moss, per Marie Claire. Adams later stepped in to fill her shoes.

Crawley and Moss left the show together after a quick engagement. They proceeded to date for a few months before allegedly calling it quits in early 2021. Meanwhile, Adams and Clark are still going strong following their engagement, and fans can't get enough of their adorable social media posts (via Cosmopolitan). Perhaps it's the special and unique good luck charm that Adams keeps with her that's a credit to her success.

Tayshia Adams' good luck charm

According to Refinery29, Tayshia Adams is revealing the good luck charm that she carries with her at all times, as well as the rest of the contents of her purse. The reality star gave fans a peek into her bag, revealing that there was no organization method, but that it always has what she needs. Adams showed off her items such as her phone, and makeup favorites like setting spray, lip tint, and illuminating powder. She even has snacks in her bag, admitting that she's a "candy fiend," and that she usually has sweets in her purse. However, her one snack staple is a power bar, which she carries with her at all times to keep her full while she's on the go. One more item, which she was sad she didn't have in her purse was Mentos. Adams says that she almost always has the treat with her, but that she had already finished them before filming the video.

Although Adams says that she doesn't carry much that means a lot to her, she does have one item that is near and dear to her heart. The Bachelorette star claims that she keeps a $2 bill in her purse for luck and as a reminder of her grandmother. "I do have a $2 bill in there. My grandma gives me one every year for Christmas just to keep the good luck. So that's probably the one sentimental thing that I do carry around," she admitted in the cute video.