The Truth About Hello Bello

If you've had a baby in the last couple of years, you're probably familiar with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's plant-derived baby product line Hello Bello. After launching in February 2019, the company quickly expanded to Walmart and to Canada in the same year (via Biz Journals, Cision Canada).

The products are billed as both eco-friendly and affordable, and parents can find just about everything they need from Hello Bello for under $10 (via The brand is also in direct competition with Jessica Alba's The Honest Company, along with Amazon's Earth + Eden diapers.

The idea for Hello Bello was originally rooted in the cost and access to quality products. Shepard told Money that, "We have very unique access to a lot of great products, living in Los Angeles and also being blessed with being overpaid. We felt like it was completely unfair that everyone we grew up with back in Michigan would have to make a decision between their budget and what was best for their baby."

The goal of Hello Bello is to bring equality to parenting

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard started Hello Bello to address a major issue: parenting isn't equal. While there's only so much they can do, launching a line of eco-friendly baby products that are truly affordable is quite the mark to make. Bell told that their own privilege helped them understand the path forward. "When we had our first child, it wasn't lost on us that we were going to all these super clean boutiques in California, buying premium baby care products and never looking at the price tag. It just occurred to us how unfair that felt." She added, "No one in the world should have to choose between their baby and their budget."

Those ideals are also held by Sean Kane, one of Hello Bello's co-CEOs and the former co-founder of The Honest Company. When Hello Bello expanded to his home state of Texas, Kane said, "[W]e're thrilled to bring a piece of our Hello Bello business and invest in Waco and the Texas community." He also pointed out his happiness that the growth "will allow us to scale operations while ensuring the premium quality, affordable pricing and superior service our customers have come to expect from us" (via CBS DFW).