The Reason This Model's Unusual Cosmetic Surgery Is Going Viral

Unless you've been taking a very extended social media break, you are probably abundantly familiar with TikTok by now. People from all over the world use the platform to produce and share content on a multitude of topics, with TikTok hacks and dances often going viral.

TikTok has also given people who call themselves "fiveheads" a place to commiserate and discuss the size of their foreheads. If you're not familiar with the term, a "fivehead" is a forehead that's larger than what many people believe is normal. One woman who uses her TikTok to lament the size of her forehead is Camilla Coleman Brooks, a model from North Carolina. As BuzzFeed explains, Brooks disliked her forehead so much that she decided to take drastic action: she decided to surgically alter it altogether.

Brooks told BuzzFeed, "I was always kind of uncomfortable with the size of my forehead in proportion to my face. I just kind of thought it was too big for me personally."

Many people had never heard of this unusual cosmetic surgery

As BuzzFeed noted, many people were unaware that forehead reduction was even a thing. But as Camilla Coleman Brooks explained, she always wore bangs to hide her forehead in the past, and this year the surgery just made sense. The procedure definitely isn't for everyone, and how successful it is depends on how much stretch your skin still has in it. "They make an incision right at your hairline, and then they have to lift up your scalp a bit and how far they can move it depends on the elasticity of your skin. They make another incision where they see how far down they can pull your scalp, and then cut out the middle part and they stitch it back together" (via BuzzFeed).

Healthline offers an extensive look at forehead surgery, including how long it typically takes to recover. Patients usually return home the same day and have to schedule a few follow-up visits with their surgeons to assess how everything looks.

So far, Brooks is pleased with the results, even though she's received negative feedback from some users. She told BuzzFeed, "I think you can still have insecurities and change yourself on the outside, while still loving yourself on the inside."