What You Don't Know About Todd Chrisley's Daughter Lindsie Campbell

Lindsie Campbell was once a fixture on Chrisley Knows Best, but today, she doesn't even speak to her famous father. There's been a lot of drama between Todd Chrisley and his firstborn child. Before his marriage to Julie in 1996, Todd was married to his high-school sweetheart, Teresa Terry (per People). Together, they had two children: Lindsie, who was born in September 1989, and Kyle, who was born in August 1991. Todd and Julie went on to have three children of their own: Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.

Chrisley Knows Best introduced the world to this blended, complicated family in 2014. Lindsie appeared on the show for its first three years (per IMDb). While viewers didn't know it yet, it was some of the most dramatic years for the family. Lindsie made one major move in her life that her father didn't approve of, and it was the beginning of what seems to have become irreparable damage between the two.

Lindsie ran off to elope

While attending Georgia State University, Lindsie met Georgia-native Will Campbell. Lindsie was a marketing major while Will was there to play baseball and study economics. The two met and hit it off. By 2011, the couple had already been together for three years. Will even gushed over Lindsie in an interview reflecting on his accomplishments playing baseball for the university: "She is such an inspiration and supporter in everything I do, so knowing how much she cares and how she is always there has been wonderful, too."

Just over six months after that interview, Lindsie and Will ran off and eloped. Todd was not happy to see his oldest child get married in that matter, as he openly shared with E!. Among his grievances with how it happened, Todd was offended Will didn't ask him for Lindsie's hand in marriage

"I don't think that the marriage started out the way that it should have, and certainly not the way that a father would like to see a marriage start," Todd told the outlet. "You know, a father has his dreams when he has a child or a daughter that a young man is going to come and knock on the door one day and say, 'Mr. Chrisley, I love your daughter so much and may I have her hand in marriage?' That never happened. The level of respect wasn't there."

Lindsie's already a mom, but she's looking to add to her brood

By summer 2012, Lindsie and Will had another surprise for their families. They announced they had a baby on the way! Jackson Campbell was born in January 2013 and the couple were totally smitten. But in focusing all their efforts on Jackson, they neglected their marriage, as Lindsie would come to divulge in an essay about motherhood for Today.

"I fell so in love with Jackson that I almost neglected my marriage in a way. Not on purpose, but out of the newness in our schedule, and us making Jackson our first priority," she admitted. "Learning to work together and sharing daily parental duties is key. I got married and thought my heart was full, but then I had Jackson and realized there's WAY more room for love."

Now that Jackson's getting older and they've learned some things from their experience, the couple are considering growing their family again. "I do want to confirm that Will and I will be on the trying game very soon," she told her Coffee Convos co-host, Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry, in June 2020. She also admitted that two psychic mediums have told her that her next child will be a girl, so she's anxious to find out if they were right.

Tensions between Will and Lindsie almost cost them their marriage

In 2014, Lindsie and Will began experiencing trouble in their marriage. They separated, then got back together. The on-and-off continued until Lindsie announced the two were getting divorced in August 2016.

"He was my first love. We got together when we were 19 years old, and over time we grew separately in different directions instead of together," Lindsie told People. "I feel like I've become more independent, I've come more into myself, I'm more confident with myself and I just don't feel that relationship gives me what I need anymore. I've outgrown the relationship."

"We had a little time apart, then we got back together in the hopes that we could make it work for our child," she continued. "But we realized that two people that are not happy with one another and trying to make it work just for the child and not for themselves personally — that's not in the best interest of the child, or either of us."

Lindsie left Chrisley Knows Best in 2017, amping up the drama

Among the changes made by Lindsie during her brief time as a single woman, she decided to leave Chrisley Knows Best. The decision came among rumors of more family discord, but the details were murky. It seemed Lindsie felt Todd was a little too happy about her separation from Will, particularly in how it played out on the show. She reportedly felt used as a result (via Distractify).

In 2018, reports revealed that Lindsie and Will worked things out and called off their divorce. "When it came time for mediation for their divorce, the two of them canceled it, twice. That's when they realized that they were still meant to be together and she withdrew the divorce papers this past summer," a source told Radar Online. "They have worked out their issues and live together with their son outside of Atlanta. They are best friends and love each other very, very much. Anyone who knows them knows this."

It seemed like things were on the upswing until 2019, when an accusation rocked what little possibility the Chrisley family had at reconciling with Lindsie and Will.

After one last betrayal, everyone went their separate ways

A month before Todd and Julie would be indicted for tax evasion, Lindsie filed a lawsuit against Todd Chrisley, as well as brother Chase (per TMZ). A police report filed by Lindsie claimed that Todd and Chase bought a sex tape featuring her and Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes. They then allegedly blackmailed her with its release. They reportedly asked her to lie about something in exchange, which many speculated was related to the tax evasion charges (via Insider). 

"We did not make a sex tape," Robby told the Housewives and Vanderpump podcast. "I'm not sitting there with a camera aimed down and trying to get the angles. Like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend's living room, the couch we crashed on."

Todd denied the attempts at extortion. "Sadly, for reasons we can only guess at, she ran to the sheriff's office to accuse her brother of buying a sex tape of her and Robby, which was a complete lie, and now she's telling more lies about me," he told Access Hollywood. "Although our hearts are broken, Lindsie is our daughter and we will always love her."

Recently, Julie spoke with Us Weekly and confirmed that she and Todd have no contact with Lindsie. "We don't have any correspondence with her," she said. "I wish her well, and, you know, that's it."