Here's Where You Know The Song From Allstate's Duet Commercial From

In keeping with the state of the world right now, commercials have only gotten weirder and weirder. There was the Shaggy-themed Cheetos ad, starring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, from the Super Bowl, and prior to that the car commercial that involved driving around on the moon. Allstate, who were responsible for the aforementioned space-bound ad, has emerged with an even stranger one entitled "Duet." Rather than a fancy car name, the title is literal.

The ad sees a man driving along a deserted road, in an undisclosed location, who discovers he's saved a butt-load of money with Allstate, which causes him to break into spontaneous song along with the tune playing on the radio. His fancy hood ornament gets in on the action turning the moment into, well, a duet (via YouTube). Aside from being a surprisingly calming and weirdly sweet moment amid a year of escalating madness, the song in question is a total earworm.

The song is a Pet Shop Boys classic

The featured track is the Pet Shop Boys classic "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)." Speaking to The Quietus in 2020, the iconic British pop band confirmed that, although their music may sound superfluous, there's typically a message underneath it. In the case of "Opportunities," which was originally released as a single in 1985 before being reissued in 1986, the Boys were taking a swipe at capitalism. As singer and lyricist Neil Tennant explained, the line "I've got the brains, you've got the looks, let's make lots of money" is taking aim at Thatcherism. Tennant opined, "I think pop music works as a commentary to society, and to attitudes, and that's the Pet Shop Boys." 

He added, "I like writing songs with an element of humor about them as well. There's a whole strand of Pet Shop Boys that's social/political commentary." As Billboard reports, the inclusion of "Opportunities" in the new Allstate commercial propelled it back into the charts in a big way, landing it at No. 5 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart, with 1,000 downloads signaling a 1,618 percent jump in the week following its Super Bowl debut in early February. The catchy track was the Pet Shop Boys' first top 10 single on the chart (which began in 2010). The following week? "Opportunities" would reach No. 1 (via Billboard).