Here's What Having Twin Moles Can Tell You About Yourself

Reading into the significance of moles is an age-old tradition with ancient Greek origins. In fact, the Greeks believed moles could predict a person's future, with King Ptolemy I's scribe Melampus writing a book about it (via PopSugar). As per Occult World, the book is famously titled On the Olives of the Body, and explains the meaning behind different kinds of moles.

According to Melampus, a mole on the lips meant a future of overeating, a nose mole meant being an energetic lover, and a mole on the back of the throat meant you would be beheaded one day (ouch!). With differences between men and women, or having the mole on the left or right side of the body, the book is still popular around mystic-lovers today. Although twin moles aren't discussed often, having a pair of similar-looking moles has a deep significance for a person's future journey.

The placement of your moles is crucial in reading their meaning. Moles are considered lucky in men if on the right side, and lucky in women if on the left. Marks can also relate to the zodiac sign that dominates your personality, regardless of birthdate. For example, a head mole means a connection to Aries, while feet or left eye moles signify Pisces traits (via Occult World). Color is significant, too: honey-colored, light-brown, green, and red moles are lucky, while black moles are not as favorable (via AstroSage). Round moles signify goodness, oblong moles mean wealth, and angular moles mean duality in a person.

The significance of twin moles

Apart from position, color, and shape, according to classical Chinese medicine, hidden moles meant good luck, while easily apparent moles were more nebulous (via the Daily Mail). Fast-forward to the Victorian era and mole analysis was still in full-swing, with many seeing moles on the right side of the head as a sign for intelligence (via PopSugar). So what does moleoscopy have to say about twin moles? As Occult World explains, dual moles have had a special significance throughout history, with close-together moles meaning the person will have two serious love affairs or will be married twice.

Even if your moles are not in the same place, but simply mirror each other on both sides of the body, there is a specific meaning behind that, too. Balanced, mirrored moles (such as moles on both knees or ears) mean duality in a person. While Occult World asserts people with mirrored moles are usually Pisces or Gemini, known for their twofold nature, the two moles might just mean contradictory behavior, or having two sides to your personality.

Specifically, twin moles will usually mean a person has a dual nature, which can flow into their love life and lead to falling in love with two people at once. Although this may or may not be the case for someone with twin moles, these supernatural connotations have stood the test of time, passed on from the ancient world all the way through the Renaissance and beyond — which has to count for something!