Will Abigail Heringer Be On The Upcoming Season Of Bachelor In Paradise? - Exclusive

One of the best aspects about watching The Bachelor is getting to know the contestants, because chances are, they'll be in paradise. Yes, Bachelor in Paradise is coming back to the screen, and hopefully there will be some fan favorites from Matt James' season there, including Abigail Heringer.

Bachelor in Paradise was canceled for the summer of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it has been confirmed for the upcoming season. There hasn't been a ton of information released about the cast and who we might see on the beach, so up until we sat down with Abigail for an exclusive interview, we just had to hope and pray that she would be there.

When we got the opportunity to ask the fan favorite from Matt's season if paradise was on her horizon, Abigail didn't give a "yes" answer. But, she didn't give a "no" answer either. So what has her life looked like since her time on The Bachelor came to an end, and will she be willing to go in front of the cameras once again to find love? 

What has Abigail Heringer's life looked like since her time on The Bachelor?

It was such a shock when Matt James sent Abigail Heringer home before the hometown dates — she got the first impression rose, was one of the nicest people in the house, and was flat-out just a great human being. But he did send her home, and since her time on the show, Abigail has literally been thriving. In an exclusive sit-down with The List, Abigail revealed that she has moved to New York City, is taking life "day-by-day," and is seeing where the city takes her. 

"I honestly feel like I'm living like Sex in the City, just a little bit," Abigail said. She told The List that she's been spending a lot of time with fellow Bachelor contestant Chelsea Vaughn, and that she lives with her best friends. They've had "a lot of girl time," and have been enjoying life in the city. "I was saying the other day, 'I don't think I just sat down and watched Netflix since I've been here,'" Abigail said. "We've just been like, go, go, go. It's been really fun."

This is what Abigail Heringer had to say about Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise has led to some amazing couples — in fact, you should take a look at which couples are still together from the show — so it doesn't come as a shock that fan favorites of the franchise go to the beach for a second attempt at love. Abigail Heringer is one of said fan favorites, and she told The List during an exclusive interview that while she's "rolling with the punches" currently, paradise is not off the table. 

"I'm not going to shut anything down," she said. "But at the same time, I'm also really happy with where my life is now." Abigail revealed that halting her life and leaving her job and her friends was "hard enough to go through" during her first stint with the franchise. Going on Bachelor in Paradise would require a similar separation from her life, and her new adventures in New York, but she said that "the door's not closed." 

"I'll keep an open mind about it," she said, and we just hope that we see her walking down the steps to the beach come summer.