Here's What Zoe Kravitz's Tattoos Really Mean

As the daughter of singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, style, soul, and fierce individuality were basically Zoë Kravitz's birthrights. Following in her mother's footsteps, Kravitz made her acting debut back in 2007 with a part in the movie No Reservations. She went on to star in X-Men: First Class and the Divergent series, but is perhaps best known for her roles in the hit HBO series Big Little Lies as well as High Fidelity, in which she's the lead (via IMDb). She clearly inherited some of her dad's musical finesse, too, as she fronts the band LOLAWOLF, which has opened for Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen in the past (via Rolling Stone).

Suffice it to say, Kravitz is one talented human — but her effortlessly cool aesthetic really seals the deal. It's no wonder she was chosen as the face of a Vera Wang fragrance and YSL Beauté and has starred in campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and Alexis Bittar (via Fashion Gone Rogue). Whether she's on the screen, stage, or runway, one thing is instantly noticeable about Zoë Kravitz: her distinctive collection of tattoos.

Zoë Kravitz has more than 50 tattoos

You could write an essay on all of Zoë Kravitz's tattoos, there are so many. To start with, she has a few different arrows: one on each of her feet (one pointing south and one pointing north) and another bolder and bigger arrow on her right forearm. She also has a few different tattoos that represent her Christian beliefs. There are three almost-imperceptible dots on her right elbow to symbolize the trinity as well as a couple of tiny crosses. One of the most obvious tats in the collection is of a coiled snake on her left forearm (via Body Art Guru).

Zoë also has the word "MISSISSIPPI" (with keyboard signs representing swearing below it) on her shoulder, which is a tribute to the late jazz legend Nina Simone, per Body Art Guru. It comes from Simone's civil rights anthem, "Mississippi Goddamn." As the actress told Harper's Bazaar, "When I'm going to bed, I'll put on Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, or Joni Mitchell's Blue album to fall asleep."

Quite a few of Zoë Kravitz's tattoos honor her family members

One of Zoë Kravitz's most meaningful tattoos is the phrase "Free At Last," which tattoo artist Harris inked on both her and her dad. According to Steal Her Style, the words come from Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have A Dream" speech. In another homage to her beloved dad, Lenny Kravitz, she has the date "5.26.64" — his birthday — inked on her right hand, per Body Art Guru.

However, those aren't Zoë's only family-themed tattoos: Her grandmothers' initials grace her right wrist, while her younger siblings names, Lola and Wolf, are on her left. The two names, which inspired her band name, are also written across her knuckles. She also has "Mama" written near her right elbow, and an intricate palm tree on her right forearm, which is accompanied by the word "BAHAMAS" to represent her grandmother's place of birth (via Body Art Guru).

Zoë Kravitz's favorite tattoo artist is the famed Dr. Woo

Of the dozens of tattoos on Zoë Kravitz's body, a good number of them are from Dr. Woo, whose clientele also includes Miley Cyrus, Drake, Frances Bean Cobain, Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, and many more celebrities (via Discover Los Angeles). He's most known for his tiny and ever-so-intricate designs. On Kravitz, these include a thin-lined anchor on the inner part of her upper left bicep, "SWEET KID" (her childhood nickname) on her right forearm, and a series of delicate stars.

Some of his bigger works of art on Kravitz include a flying eagle that she got all the way back in 2015, according to Steal Her Style. There's also a large protective eye on her left forearm, below the elbow. Dr. Woo added to a pre-existing simple circle tattoo to make the piece, which features decorative lashes and energy-filled light rays darting out from the decorative iris. He also covered up a grammatically incorrect Arabic script tattoo with a beautiful dragonfly across her left shoulder (via Body Art Guru). What will be added to Zoë Kravitz's collection next? Whatever it will be, it is sure to have special meaning to her.