Peter Weber Reveals The Truth About Kissing On The Bachelor

We already know producers on The Bachelor are pretty involved in how the show plays out, with former contestants revealing that they are encouraged to cry, and that even small details, such as The Bachelor offering his jacket to women (he is told not to), are micromanaged.

But now, it turns out producers of the headline-making reality love franchise may also have something to do with when a Bachelor or Bachelorette kisses a potential partner. That's right — former Bachelor Peter Weber, who dated contestant Kelley Flanagan until recently — is spilling the tea about lip locks on the show, and what really happens behind the scenes.

During a podcast with Us Weekly, the pilot, who, according to Cheat Sheet may have kissed the most ladies on night one at the mansion, at first disputed this claim to fame. "I don't know if I actually am the Bachelor that did that!" he said. But that notion aside, would you believe that producers will actually okay a makeout session before it happens?

Producers tell The Bachelor when to kiss

As Weber explained about kissing on The Bachelor, "You don't see this on camera, like, so many times, I was being given this [signal] the entire time, like, they wanted that and hey, if I was feeling it with the girl, I was gonna go in for it" (via Us Weekly).

He elaborated, "Producers, if they think it's a good time to kiss, they'll, like, tap their fingers or they have their phone that says, 'Kiss.'" Yup, our minds are blown, too!

But Weber was not even done sharing juicy details about how things work behind the scenes on The Bachelor. He also confessed that producers will hold up a sign behind a girl's head so the lead won't forget her name!

Um, could this finally explain why Matt James kissed with his eyes open (via Bustle)? After all, he wouldn't want to miss a kiss signal, or forget a name!