The Sweet Story Of How Bob Newhart Met His Wife

Sometimes celebrities have meet-cutes just like the ones we see in movies or on our favorite TV shows. Stand-up comedian Bob Newhart and his wife have one of the longest marriages in Hollywood, having been together for 57 years, as People reports. That's quite remarkable, considering that about half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. Other celebrity marriages, such as Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips, Sinead O'Connor and Barry Herridge, or Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, didn't last longer than a few weeks (via Elle).


As Newhart told "CBS Sunday Morning," the secret to their enviable relationship is laughter. "There's something about laughter and the longevity of a marriage," said the 91-year old comedian. But how did he meet his soulmate? Newhart met his wife Virginia "Ginnie" Quinn when a friend set them up. It all started with a blind date, but the couple has been inseparable ever since.

How Bob Newhart met his wife and fell in love

Bob Newhart is best known for his outstanding career in comedy. Over the years, the accountant-turned-actor released several comedy albums and starred in popular movies, sitcoms, and TV shows. His performance in "The Bob Newhart Show," "Bob," "The Big Bang Theory," and other sitcoms have earned him global recognition, yet little is known about his personal life. Newhart said in an interview with People that he met Virginia Quinn on a blind date set up by actor Buddy Hackett. Back in the 1960s, Hackett told him "I've got a girl for you." He was talking about Quinn, who was in a relationship with someone else at that point, but Hackett was sure that she'd fall in love with Newhart after meeting him.


The daughter of actor Bill Quinn, Virginia Quinn was Catholic and had Irish roots — just like Newhart. The two went on a date, and the rest is history. As Hackett predicted, they got married soon after meeting and had children together. Newhart and his soulmate tied the knot in 1963, and they're still going strong. But, while it worked out, it wasn't the sure thing Hackett imagined.

Quinn hesitated at first

Funnyman Buddy Hackett was right when he said that Bob Newhart and Virginia Quinn were a perfect match. But apparently he gave the same speech to Quinn, as she told City & Shore. In 1962, Quinn was working as a babysitter for Hackett's children. One day, he told her that he met a young comedian who was just right for her. His exact words were "He's a comic and he's Catholic and you're Catholic, and I think maybe you should marry each other," Quinn revealed in the interview.


On their first date, they met at Hackett's home, where they had dinner and played pool, reports City & Shore. Their relationship went well, but Quinn was hesitant about their future as a couple. It didn't help that her father didn't want her to marry someone with Hollywood ties. Even so, they continued to see each other and walked down the aisle on January 12, 1963. 

They have four children and 10 grandchildren

Today, Bob Newhart and his beloved wife have four children — two sons and two daughters — and 10 grandchildren. Virginia Quinn told City & Shore that her husband's sense of humor helped them overcome the challenges they faced over the years. You may be surprised to find out that she describes him as shy and quiet in his day-to-day life. Quinn admits that they've had fights — who doesn't? — but they always found a way to make things work. She also confessed that they are "never happy being apart."


The Newhart family lived in Bel Air until 2016 when their 9,169-square-foot mansion sold for $14.5 million, according to American Luxury, but the couple still lives in L.A., as The New York Times reports. Sometimes, they go out with their friends or spend time with their children. As Quinn told City & Shore, "We've traveled so much in our lives that we kind of like being home."