How The Full Moon On April 26 Will Affect Zodiac Earth Signs

Anyone who's even a casual follower of astrology or regular horoscope reader, who perhaps spends a few minutes wondering how these vague platitudes might apply to their day, is probably aware that the season of Scorpio occurs in late fall. In fact, anyone with a Halloween birthday, appropriately enough, would be born under this mysterious and slightly spooky sign. While autumn is the season when the sun is (or appears to be) passing through the constellation of Scorpio, the moon has a completely different agenda. This weekend, the full moon, according to Astrology King, will be in the sign of Scorpio.

The Scorpio moon's general influence on your horoscope, no matter your sun sign, is one of power, intensity, and resilience, according to Chani, but Astrology King adds that this particular Scorpio moon is making some rather difficult planetary aspects. The planet Uranus will cause this to be a moon of unexpected events and sudden upheavals, but the aspect it makes to Saturn will rein these in to some extent. The Mars aspect, however, brings courage and strength, so it sounds like the message is one of obstacles we'll be struggling to overcome. Still, each sun sign will be affected in different ways by this moon. If either your sun or your rising sign is one of the earth ones –- Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn –- here's what you need to be aware of in order to prepare for any surprises this full moon may bring.

What this full moon has in store for Taurus

If you're a Taurus or Taurus rising, April's full moon occurs in your seventh house. As anyone up on their 1960s rock musicals knows, "When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars" (lyrics from "Aquarius" via AllMusicals).Yeah, well, don't hold your breath about interplanetary peace and love breaking out all over, since that didn't happen in the '60s, nor has it seemed likely over the subsequent 50+ years.

Still, as Well+Good informs us, the seventh house is the one that governs relationships -– not just romantic ones but also business or other collaborative partnerships. The moon in this house, Chani says, will bring to the surface what has been hidden, and they interpret this to mean that you should let your true self come out of whatever dark cave it's been crouching in. Your partner will even deal with it, in which case you can develop more intimacy (or perhaps a better business plan, depending on the nature of your pairing), or else ... you didn't really need them, anyway.

What Virgos can expect from the full moon

If you are a Virgo, the Scorpio full moon will be occurring in your third house, which is the one that governs communication. Again, this moon will be all about revealing what has previously been hidden, or at least not spoken of. Chani says this moon will be influenced by a conjunction to an asteroid named Lilith.

Lilith, according to Bible History Daily, was originally a Babylonian demon, but was transformed by the power of mythology into the world's first ex-wife (Adam's, before he threw her over for a spare rib). One legend has her speaking the secret name of God before vanishing from the Garden of Eden in a puff of sin and weedkiller, so this asteroid plus the Scorpio moon may give you the urge to open your mouth and tell people how you really feel. Just be prepared to face the consequences when and if you do!

How the full moon may affect Capricorns

While Capricorns aren't really known as party people, and in fact may be considered the most down-to-earth of the already earthy earth signs, this Scorpio moon might shake things up a bit for you over the weekend. The full moon is set to occur right smack in the middle of your eleventh house, which is the one that Labyrinthos says rules over friendships and community. The eleventh house can also have to do with political activities and with contributing to the greater good, whatever you deem it to be.

While a full moon in the eleventh house could mean that you're likely to get invited to some great parties, the Scorpio influence, according to Chani, may mean that you are feeling more inclined to attend some type of super-social protest rally instead. They speak of the Scorpio moon's subversive energy and its call to justice, but caution to use some of that Capricorn prudence to temper your actions. It's better to direct your energies where they will do the most good, after all, rather than simply causing trouble for trouble's sake.