Photographer Reveals That Princess Diana Was Visibly Blushing While Dancing With This Star

The world's collective fascination with Princess Diana is far from dwindling. Though the royal's tragic death is what she's most prominently remembered for, she certainly had a life worth celebrating. Nearly 15 years after her fatal car crash in 1997, there are still details about Princess Diana coming to light, thanks to those she encountered throughout her time in the royal family

Most recently, John Travolta spoke with Esquire Mexico about his special moment with the Princess at the 1985 White House dinner hosted by then-President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan. "I go up to her, touch her on the shoulder, ask her to dance," he tells the outlet. "She turns around and when she sees me she displays that captivating smile, somewhat sad, and accepts my invitation. And there we were, dancing together like in a fairy tale. Who could imagine that something like this is going to happen to you one day? I was smart enough to register it in my memory as a very special, magical moment."

Travolta's reflection prompted former White House photographer Pete Souza to share the photo he took of the actor and Princess Diana that evening — as well as the dance partner that caused her to "visibly" blush.

Pete Souza shared the special photo on Instagram

Yesterday, Pete Souza took to Instagram to share a memorable moment that he captured at the 1985 White House dinner. He recalls that Princess of Wales danced with many different famous guests, but her dance with legendary musician Neil Diamond was one to remember. "After posting my photograph of Diana and John Travolta yesterday, many of you had asked to see a picture of her dancing with Neil Diamond," Souza wrote in the Instagram post. "Accompanied by the military band, Neil sang a few of his songs. I distinctly remember him singing, 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers.'"

He continued: "My recollection–and I can't be sure this is correct–is that he continued singing this song as he danced with her.⁣ The one rock-solid remembrance I have is that Diana was visibly blushing when she danced with Neil. In the photograph, you can see that her cheeks are a bit red but in the moment it was even more obvious.⁣"

Another noticeable element of the photo is how captivated the surrounding crowd is. "I love how everyone smiles while looking at them," one commenter wrote. Clearly, this was an incredibly special moment for Princess Diana and everyone in attendance that night; one that will continue to be remembered for years to come.