Dream Home Makeover's Shea And Syd Reveal How They Make Such A Good Team

Syd and Shea McGee are the husband-and-wife duo behind "Dream Home Makeover" – an interior design series on Netflix — and are taking the world by storm. The couple transform real-life homes with their signature aesthetic and design tricks, working together to create dream spaces for families, parents, singles, and everyone in between (via Netflix).

In addition to the design element of the show, viewers also get a peak inside the McGee's lives, which includes their young kids. After a smash hit Season 1 of "Dream Home Makeover," it came as no surprise that Season 2 quickly followed, allowing fans even more of an insight into Studio McGee and the family behind the business. 

"I run all the creative for the business and then Syd is CEO for both businesses," Shea said on their Studio McGee YouTube channel. "Early on, when he was kind of getting into the design side and I was getting into the business side, that was when we had a lot of problems and had to trust each other to run with our respective roles and consult with each other and share ideas, but then really have trust." That trust has clearly paid off. 

Syd and Shea McGee have separate roles which benefit their company

Working with your significant other comes with its challenges, especially when you are mixing in family responsibilities and work duties. With their hit show "Dream Home Makeover" and their interior design firm Studio McGee – plus a design book under their belt and a partnership with Target for Threshold – Syd and Shea McGee have a lot on their plate (via Studio McGee)To make it work, Syd and Shea focus on their specific roles. 

"It was very early on that we took an approach of a team effort," Syd said on their YouTube channel. "A team effort to how we worked in the workplace, what our overlap was, and then realizing that there needed to be separation between our roles."

At home, they focus on working together to ensure they are equally involved with their kids and their businesses. "At home, its more of a team and there's a lot of overlap," Shea said. "If I need to be home because Syd has a lot of calls, then I'm doing that ... If I have to be at a shoot late, then he's running the kids to lessons." 

Syd mirrored Shea's sentiment, saying that "it works" despite the long days and busy schedules. "I feel like I've grown to appreciate and love our relationship so much because our workloads shift back and forth ... we support whoever has the more intense workload at the time," he said.