Here's What It Really Means If You Have An Aquarius Moon Sign

Perhaps you're someone who loves to read your horoscope everyday. You live by your sun sign, but if you're super into the zodiac, you should know all the signs in your astrological diagram as well. By knowing the signs in your birth chart, you can get a better understanding of not only your personality, but your inner emotions, how you love, and your outlook on the world (via Bustle). 

While your sun sign is a good place to start, up next you should get to know your moon sign. According to The Sun, your moon sign may actually be a better representation of "what you do naturally," because it's the sign of your inner emotions. It's how you feel. Your sun sign may be what your friends and family see, but your moon sign is what you're thinking. And if you happen to have an Aquarius moon sign, you may be a very emotional person.

Having an Aquarius moon means you're a true humanitarian and deep thinker

According to Your Tango, Aquarius is a very deep sign, so having it as your emotional moon sign means that you are extra deep and thoughtful. You may even get lost in your thoughts, which makes you a more independent person. You like your alone time, but you also love your friends and family deeply. In fact, Aquarians are humanitarians, according to Allure. You want to do what is right by everyone. 

That could be to your detriment sometimes if you're too busy trying to make everyone happy, and not focusing on your own needs as much. This is why you need that solitary time to really decompress. Basically, you're a great friend which is why people like to have you around, but you have to say "no" from time to time. It's just part of your quirky Aquarius charm (via