This Moment Between Kamala And Doug At Biden's Address To Congress Has Everyone Talking

Early in the evening, White House reporter, Kathryn Watson ironically tweeted out, we may not get "extended commentary on Doug's outfit tonight." She's not exactly right. For what it's worth, reporter Joshua Eaton thought to criticize Emhoff's "loose four-in-hand, no dimple," tie, tweeting, "it's upsetting." Questionable tie etiquette aside, from his seat next to First Lady Jill Biden, Doug Emhoff gave us all a masterclass on what being a supportive second gentleman is all about. While waiting for President Biden to give his first speech to congress, Emhoff got to witness something few others in the United States got to in person: two women standing behind the president as he addressed congress.

Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi celebrated the occasion themselves, with an elbow bump that has since gone viral on social media. Emhoff, meanwhile, who (as Katherine Tully-McManus pointed out via tweet) entered the room without applause, took his seat, and gave his wife a bit of TLC to acknowledge the moment.

Douglas Emhoff blows kisses to VP Kamala Harris

Twitter was quick to document the moment. Doug Emhoff blew VP Kamala Harris at least 11 kisses ahead of Joe Biden's speech to Congress, and patted his heart, lovingly, by our count, four times. Needless to say, social media knows a good show of affection when it sees it. "He's so cute with how he adores her," tweeted one onlooker. "OMG that's relationship goals right there!" exclaimed another via tweet." Seeing Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff touch his heart snd blow kisses to VP Harris is just so much to me!!! What a night," gushed a third (via Twitter).

Anyways ... that moment was a keeper. But did you catch the next one? We most definitely swooned again when Second Gentlemen Doug Emhoff and First Lady Jill Biden stood up to applaud each other. Jill Biden, btw, is wearing a dark blue Gabriela Hearst dress, which is getting a considerably better Twitter reception than Doug Emhoff's tie.

Doug is now officially Douglas

On the campaign trail, Vice President Kamala Harris's husband was known simply as Doug Emhoff. His Twitter handle was @DouglasEmhoff but the corresponding name was simply "Doug." The webpage from his most recent law firm, DLA Piper, also lists him as "Doug," though his corresponding email address is under "Douglas." 

According to Politico, a high school classmate confirmed he's always gone by "Doug." Meanwhile, the VP calls her hubby "Dougie." However, similar to Kate Middleton becoming Catherine when she entered the royal family (not that the name really stuck, with apologies to the Queen), Doug Emhoff is now Douglas Emhoff on account of his being a Second Gentleman.

Just a week before President Joe Biden was sworn in, word came from within the administration that Harris's husband would now be going by the more formal Douglas. His Twitter name, similarly, has been updated to "Douglas" too. The White House website also lists him as "Douglas." A former staffer suggested Emhoff wishes to look more serious, after his laidback performance on the campaign trail. 

"The goofiness is a bit of a persona," the source revealed. "He actually is a very serious person." A spokesperson described the story as "bizarre," noting simply, "His name is Douglas Emhoff so I think as he is stepping into this public role it's not surprising that they would list his full name on the White House website." However, the president is listed as "Joe Biden," rather than "Joseph," muddying the waters somewhat.

The VP and her hubby are finally settled in Washington

It's taken three long months, but Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff have finally settled into their new digs in Washington, D.C. 

As CNN confirms, the couple spent time in their new home city at the presidential guest residence Blair House, which is located directly across the street from the White House. Now, they're enjoying considerably more privacy and space at the swanky One Observatory Circle, where relaxing sunny evenings on the veranda are helping the couple acclimate to their new surroundings. The property reportedly sits on 73 private acres in the upmarket Massachusetts Avenue Heights neighborhood.

Reportedly, Harris was irritated by the delay with moving into their new home, with updates on the building holding the move up considerably. Now, she and Emhoff are finally settled with their furniture and artwork from California delivered. Harris does miss her short commute to work, however, but overall, as an official confirmed, "They are happy to be there." 

The move to D.C. was understandably a big one for Harris and Emhoff, who were working in their respective roles in California for years. Still, they get much more time together these days with the Second Gentleman teaching classes at Georgetown University and Harris no longer forced to travel from California to the Senate.