What Does "Breaking Me" By Topic & A7S Mean?

As soon as we get the all-clear to go clubbing once again (although nightlife might not ever be the same), we'll finally get the chance to dance along to the numerous smash hits released while we were safe at home. Just think of all the songs that got TikTok famous that we have't been able to dance to yet — hits from Doja Cat and Lizzo come to mind. But luckily for you, your mask can successfully obscure your subpar lip-syncing abilities. One of those aforementioned bangers is "Breaking Me," which was the product of a collaboration between German producer, DJ, and musician Topic and the ever-so-ambiguous Swedish producer who goes by A7S (via Broadway World). 

Although the song was released at the end of 2019, we weren't afforded much time to listen to the pop-forward track on the dance floor. But with more than 700 million streams on Spotify, the song is still getting the attention it deserves. In fact, it was Topic's first chart-topper in nearly two years, staying in the Top 75 for a whopping 31 weeks, while also breaking into United Kingdom's single charts, per Official Charts. Writing for EDM, Rachel Kupfer called the anthem "vaguely tropical house," and said it's "fit for both dimly lit dance floors and pop-inspired festival sets." Clearly, "Breaking Me" resonates with people, us included. But what exactly is it about?

Is "Breaking Me" about one of Topic's past relationships?

When asked about the background of "Breaking Me," Topic told Kiss FM that the song was "about a situation in a relationship with a certain dependency, in which one always gives a little more and 'breaks' because of that." However, he stopped shy of giving listeners all the juicy details, and instead talked about the songwriting process. Topic revealed that when collaborators work together, everyone shares "what currently goes on in their lives and what moves them." The collective experiences, by and large, make their way into the song. "A song itself is not always about a certain situation that has been experienced by yourself," Topic said, "but an emotion that many might know and could empathize with."

Apparently, the track didn't come naturally. At one point, the duo felt so stuck that they abandoned the process for two entire months. Then, they decided to jet off to Miami for a "songwriting trip." The sun and sea served them well, and they were able to finally finish the song and play it for their friends in the car. According to Topic, the track was an instant hit. "I always do it this way," he told Kiss FM. "When I think a track is finished, I listen to it loudly while driving. It has to be 'car-approved.' I think everyone can relate to this feeling, when you just love a tune and drive around, while losing yourself in it." So do yourself a favor and crank this tune way up the next time you have to hop in the car to run errands.