Who Are Paul McCartney's Talented Children?

Everyone knows Paul McCartney as the co-lead vocalist and bassist for the legendary British band, The Beatles. From that legendary part of his life to the next, McCartney has been in the spotlight for six decades for his musical talents and humanitarian work. While we all see him as a legend, five people see him as their dad. McCartney has five children, four of them from his first marriage to singer and activist, Linda Eastman. McCartney, now 78, has children with a huge age gap, with his first being almost 60 and his youngest recently turning 17 years old (via Britannica).


The cool thing is that his kids –- Heather, Mary, Stella, James, and Beatrice — are all crazy talented. From world-class fashion designers to saxophonists, famous photographers to songwriters, there is nothing his kids can't do. This British institution has given birth to some amazing kids, with some talents that may surprise you.

Paul McCartney adopted Heather as his own

McCartney's eldest, Heather Louise See McCartney, now 58, is Paul McCartney's only adopted daughter. Her birth parents are Linda Eastman and her first husband, but McCartney officially adopted her at age 5. Heather has been in love with art since her teenage years, when she started printing for a workshop. According to the biography "Fab: An Intimate life of Paul McCartney," she ended up winning a major award for her photo project, "Waterfall," leading to a lifelong passion. Soon after, she went on to travel the world to learn different pottery and design techniques, most notably with various tribes in Mexico. 


In 1999, she launched a collection called Heather McCartney Houseware Collection, which ended up being a huge success. Today, she's a renowned potter, photographer, and designer, with exhibits around the world in places like Paris, Britain, Tokyo, and Arizona, to name a few (via Celebs Ages).

Mary McCartney is a sustainability and animal rights activist

Born August 28, 1969, Mary Anna McCarthy, now 51, is Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman's first child together. Like her half-sister and mother, Mary is a celebrated portrait photographer. In the early 1990s, she was a photo editor for the music-book publisher Omnibus Press, before she decided to turn professional photographer. She's taken some notable photos, such as portraits of Jude Law, her sister Stella, Tony Blair, and her mother right before her death. Since then, she's done beautiful exhibits around the world, and in addition, she works to upkeep the family photo archive (via BBC News).


Along with being a brilliant photographer, Mary is a huge activist. She is a vegetarian, much like her family, and has published a few veggie cookbooks. She is also involved in multiple projects. For one, she's an ambassador for Meat-Free Monday and for Green Monday, which promote sustainability. And as if her plate wasn't already full, she's the loving mother of four beautiful children named Arthur, Elliot, Sam, and Sid (via Heavy).

Stella McCartney is a successful fashion designer

Probably the most well-known McCartney child is the middle one, Stella Nina McCartney. Born September 13, 1971, Stella has made waves with her innovative design work. Artistry runs in the family, and Stella took to fashion. Designing came super early to her, when she designed her first jacket at 13. Throughout the 1990s, she worked with supermodels and fashion designers alike. 


In 2001, Stella launched her brand with a fashion house, and presented her first collection in Paris. Within two decades, she'd created perfumes, lingerie, skincare, and menswear, and held multiple partnerships throughout (via Biography). Not only is her range impressive, but none of her work is tested on or uses anything animal-based, according to her website. From Meghan Markle to Taylor Swift, nearly every celebrity crush has rocked a Stella McCartney dress on the red carpet.

She now has over 50 stores, and is continuing to work on new releases to this day. She has four beautiful children with her longtime husband, Alasdhair Willis (via The Famous People).

James worked on a few of Paul McCartney's solo albums

Born September 12, 1977, James McCartney is Eastman and McCartney's only son and the only child to dive fully into the music business. Apparently, at only age 20, James did what so many dream of and got to play guitar and drums, as well as co-write a few songs for a couple of his father's solo albums, "Flaming Pie" and "Driving Rain." Along with that, he played lead guitar on his mother's posthumously released album, "Wide Prairie." In an interview with BBC, he toyed with the idea of starting a next-generation Beatles with some of the band members' kids. However, that hasn't happened. In 2013, he released his own album, "Me" (via Smashing Interviews) and another in 2016, "The Blackberry Train" (via Little Village Mag).


As for his personal life, he lives a relatively quiet life and updates his 28K Instagram followers whenever he can.

Not much is known about the youngest, Beatrice

While four of Paul McCartney's kids are middle-aged and well-established, there's one more that may surprise you. After the tragic death of Linda Eastman, Paul McCartney was married to former model Heather Mills from 2003 to 2008. During their marriage, they had Beatrice Milly McCartney in October of 2003. They both decided that they wanted to keep her out of the spotlight as much as possible, and they've been quite successful with that. Not much is known about her, even after 17 years. 


The main thing people know is that she took up saxophone at a very young age and was apparently amazing at it. However, unlike most of her family, she doesn't want to pursue anything artistic. She said that she dreams of being a marine biologist (via Heavy). Hopefully, the youngest McCartney gets to achieve her dream, and let the world know about it at some point!