Here's Why You Have To Wait 15 Mins After Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

As more and more people line up to receive their long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine, Etsy sellers are hurriedly making products to meet the growing demand for vaccine-related swag. According to Vox, such items range from "Fauci Ouchie buttons" to handmade protective CDC card cases. But there's also demand for gear that represents the buyer's specific vaccine. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have become similar to the names of sport's teams, as people want to proudly showcase the brand whose dose they received. However, the rivalry is all fun and games as the CDC doesn't recommend one vaccine over another (via CDC). 

Regardless of which team you figuratively played for, the process is basically the same: You wait in a socially distanced line, pick an arm, get the shot, and then hang around for a while before heading out with a brand-new bandaid and vaccine card to flaunt. That 15-minute waiting period is the perfect time to take photographic evidence of your jab or add some of the aforementioned swag to your Etsy cart. If you're wondering why the wait is necessary, wonder no more.

The waiting period has to do with allergic reactions

Although it's not required, it's highly recommended that people wait a minimum of 15 minutes before leaving the vaccination site, per Novant Health. That way, in the off chance you experience an allergic reaction, you'll still be under medical supervision and in close proximity to help. According to The University of Michigan Health, reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine range from hives to anaphylactic shock, but are extremely rare. Those with minor reactions get treated with Benadryl while more severe reactions may require epinephrine.

Before your jab, your provider will ask you a series of questions, one of which being whether or not you have a history of bad reactions to injections in the past. If your answer is yes, you'll be advised to wait 30 minutes rather than 15. It may be a boring half an hour, but afterward you'll be well on your way to boosting your immunity and protecting your community. Plus, you can finally wear that vaccine swag with pride.