The Truth About Karen Laine's Marriages

Fans have been privy to many super sweet mother-daughter moments between Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk on "Good Bones" over the years. 

HGTV's hit home renovation show breaks a well-established mold by focusing on two women related by blood, who work together and built a business long before the network came calling, rather than a couple who found their way to the remodeling world through some other means. When Laine retired, fans were understandably distraught. 

Reality shows like "Good Bones" give viewers the impression they're getting an insight into the private lives of the featured stars. Of course, only the most open people really reveal everything for the sake of their show, or for the purposes of fame. Laine, although a warm, open presence while appearing alongside her daughter, has a whole life outside of what she does for HGTV. The dedicated mother and businesswoman was previously a lawyer and she's been divorced more than once, too.

Karen found love after several false starts

As The Cinemaholic notes, Karen Laine is currently married to a man named Roger, whom fans will know from her Instagram account, but the "Good Bones" star actually has three ex-husbands too.

Laine was, obviously, married to her daughter, Mina Starsiak-Hawk's father, Casey Starsiak, first (he's since remarried too). Laine subsequently got hitched to Randy, only for the two to inevitably part ways. Her marriage to third husband Mick also fizzled out, sadly. Thankfully, Laine's partnership with Roger stuck, with the lucky guy reportedly first popping up on Laine's Instagram in 2017, as the two enjoyed a romantic vacation in New York City.  

According to Amo Mama, their marriage was tested considerably when Roger was diagnosed with cancer, forcing Laine to juggle taking care of him, running her business with Starsiak-Hawk, Two Chicks and a Hammer, and appearing on "Good Bones" all at the same time. The show was in its infancy back then, so the devoted wife and mother had no choice but to figure everything out somehow. As Indianapolis Monthly notes, Laine remained by Roger's side throughout his treatments and surgery. In fact, she retired from "Good Bones" to dedicate more time to him, her kids, and their grandchildren. After all her hard work, she's certainly earned it.