The Best Book Clubs You Can Join Online

After reading a book you really loved (or really hated), it's natural to want to discuss the plot and characters with others. If you want to join a book club but don't have enough fellow bookworms living near you, you're in luck because there are a number of great book clubs that you can join online.

If you enjoy reading a variety of genres and love getting advance copies, it's definitely worth joining The Rumpus Book Club. This one operates a little differently than other online book clubs because it doubles as a subscription service. Here's how it works: For $35 a month, you'll be mailed a book that hasn't been released yet.

"We'll discuss the book through the month while we read it," according to the book club's description (via The Rumpus). "You're then invited to an exclusive moderated online discussion with the author of the book at the end of the month which we'll edit and run on The Rumpus as a feature article."

There are also plenty of free book clubs online

Other online book clubs are free and take a more casual approach. For example, Book Baristas is an Instagram page run by Natasha Minoso. Follow the page to see book recommendations, accompanied by some questions for readers to think about. You can post your thoughts in the comments and read what other people thought of the book selection and how they answered the same questions as you. Although the most active page is Instagram, Book Baristas is also on Facebook.

Over on Goodreads is The Perks Of Being A Book Addict. Two books are picked each month and members vote on a theme to help decide which book or books you'll be reading that month. This community has very active discussion threads and also includes fun perks like giveaways and activities such as reading challenges.

Oprah's Book Club also remains active on Goodreads. And of course there's also Reese's Book Club, which has two million followers on Instagram. Each month the actress chooses a book with a woman protagonist, and she also includes seasonal young adult books. Witherspoon herself hosts social media discussions on each book.

Supporting independent bookstores is more important now than ever, and the online book club Belletrist (via Instagram) uses their platform to do just that. In addition to picking a book each month, Belletrist also picks an independent bookstore to highlight.

Happy reading!