Here Are The Colors You Should Use If You're Decorating An Energizing Space

We want certain rooms and spaces, like our bedrooms, to have a relaxing and calm effect. But when it's time to buckle down and get things accomplished, whether it's a workout or making a solid dent in our workload, it's important to be in an energizing space.


Colors play a huge role in creating a space that promotes energy. Leave the pretty pastels behind for this decorating project — per True Value Paint, as energizing colors tend to be bold and bright.

True Value Paint names red as the color that is most psychologically stimulating because it's associated with confidence and excitement. Then there's orange, a color which symbolizes enthusiasm. Although silver isn't inherently energizing, it's worth including at least some of this shade in your space. True Value Paint notes that people who like silver tend to be motivated, so it can't hurt to use some silver to bring out your own motivation.

There are other ways to create an energizing, productive space

When you're decorating an energizing space, think of all things sensory. For example, just like colors, certain scents are calming while others provide a boost of energy. According to Apartment Therapy, use scents like rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, and anything citrus to add energy to a room. This can be done by using candles and diffusers in these scents.


In a space that's meant to be productive, clutter and excess are not your friends (via Apartment Therapy). Try to keep only what you absolutely need in the space. If there are certain things you use occasionally, stow them in a desk drawer or cabinet.

Plants are also a great way to give your space energy. "Introducing fresh, green life, flowers, a fish tank, or an herb garden gives the home a more energetic and organic feel," Caleb Backe, health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics, told Bustle. "Replace dull decorations with living, practical decorations and feel the positive energy flow!"

With the right colors, scents, and plants, there's no telling what you'll accomplish.