The Real Reason Amazon Essentials Products Are So Cheap

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Amazon is known for having everything under the sun, from party decorations to hardware to groceries. For many, Amazon has also become a go-to spot for clothing shopping. Taking notice of this, Amazon launched their Amazon Essentials brand, with the tagline "Fashion that fits your budget." According to Insider, the line of clothing is full of basic and affordable staples, ranging in sizes XS-XXL and is similar to items you would find at American Apparel or Old Navy. A quick look at the Amazon Essentials home page reveals that the line has everything from loungewear to summer dresses to Disney-themed gear for your kids — all at very reasonable prices.

And shoppers are taking note. According to Gizmodo, Amazon is now the biggest clothing retailer in the United States, surpassing Walmart who previously held the #1 spot. Younger shoppers are pointing to convenience as a reason for choosing Amazon over other clothing retailers (not to mention, most Essentials items are available for 2-day shipping), but we also see many Amazon clothing products being promoted by influencers on apps like Instagram and TikTok.

With a seemingly endless closet of basics, some may wonder how, exactly, the retail giant is able to sell these clothing items at such a low cost.

Amazon clothes are cheap for a reason

Amazon has a system in place. According to Yahoo!, the retailer doesn't have a need for fancy packaging or marketing. They assume that scrolling through their site will lead you to buy items from their AmazonBasics line, which is their private label selling everything from electronics to kitchen supplies, and, of course, their clothing line, Amazon Essentials.

Plus, Amazon does its research. They know what consumers are looking for, browsing, and ultimately buying. They use that data to create their Amazon lines. In fact, Amazon puts such an emphasis on their Essentials line, that it's often not advisable to buy designer labels from them. According to Cheat Sheet, you can usually get a better deal from the brand's own website, or other retailers that sell the items, as Amazon rarely puts brand names on sale.

If you're wondering about quality, this varies. Most Amazon Essentials items get good reviews, but according to the blog Pockets Full of Wonder, while Amazon has a pretty good policy on Supply Chain Standards, they do not do much more than what is legally required of them. This means that your clothing may not be as ethically made as you hope. If this bothers you, you may choose to shop at a retailer that is more transparent about their sourcing, but if you're okay with their policies, shop away — and get ready to save!