Get Brighter, Wider-Looking Eyes Without Extra Mascara

We get it — sometimes your eyes give away just how tired you are. Plus, having brighter eyes can make you feel brighter too! But, instead of layering more dark mascara or eyeliner over your lids, an unlikely ally may be sitting in your makeup bag.

Mindbodygreen explains that using your favorite highlighter may be the trick for fuller, thicker lashes, and thus, a brighter look. Incredibly versatile for your skin, eyes and other areas of your face, your favorite highlighter may have yet another hidden use — for your eyes. Alexandra Comptom, beauty retailer at Credo, tells the outlet, "It holds the curl all day and adds shine without having to use any mascara."

If it sounds too good — or too strange — to be true, think again. Much like a priming coat, adding a layer of highlighter works to soothe and condition the lashes, protecting them from damage and making them appear thicker. The outlet explains that makeup artists have used other products such as petroleum jelly to create this effect before, but modern highlighters can do the trick as well.

Indeed, if you're using a clean highlighter, your lashes will likely reap the benefits of castor oil and other plant-based additives that provide moisture. Essentially, highlighted lashes maintain their curl and strength much better than those without primer or a base coat.

There's a specific amount of highlighter to use for your eyelashes

Of course, you don't want to glob half the bottle of your highlighter onto your eyelashes. Using the product sparingly on your lashes will give you the shine and protection you need — just make sure to opt for a highlighter without the sparkles, Mindbodygreen suggests. Grab a small brush or spoolie and dab into your product before you gently gloss over your lashes. You can also use your fingers for this process, just make sure to coat each lash and pat to dry.

Beyond your lashes, you can apply the highlighter to your lids for a brightening effect and a shadow primer as well, Allure reports. Helping it stay put, this technique also offers another layer of definition to your look. When you've had a rough night, highlighter can be a godsend. "One of my favorite insider tips is to apply highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to help the eyes look more awake and brighter," Achelle Dunaway, E.L.F. global artistic director, tells the outlet. You can take your highlighter to your shoulders, collarbones and neckline for even more definition and shine on your body as well.

Clearly, many of us aren't using our highlighters to their fullest potential. From your eyes to your lips and collarbones, highlighter can go a long way and make you look much brighter, faster.