This Is How Matt LeBlanc Dislocated His Shoulder While Filming Friends

"Friends" wrapped in 2004, (via IMDb), after ten seasons of near-perfect comedy powered by a peerless cast who, over the course of a decade, went from being virtual unknowns to becoming some of the most famous and well-paid actors in the world (via Screen Rant). Although the highly-syndicated show is still broadcast, so it feels like "Friends" has never really left us, the desire to see the iconic sextet back together has not dimmed. Thus, "Friends: The Reunion" was born, marking the first time in 17 years the core cast shared the same stage. 

Naturally, by putting Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer in the one room and simply allowing them to vibe off each other, you're pretty much guaranteed magic will happen. And indeed it did, with plenty of surprises and emotional moments to enjoy (via The Mirror). While looking back on their time together, however, LeBlanc, who played dopey womanizer and oft-jobless actor Joey Tribbiani revealed a cringe-inducing time when he got injured on set. Suffice to say, it's not for the squeamish.

The injury was written into the show

As the BBC reports, Matt LeBlanc recalled how, while filming a fan favorite episode of "Friends," he actually suffered a painful injury. As long-time fans will recall, Season 3's "The One Where No One's Ready" finds an exasperated Ross trying to corral the rest of the gang to ensure they're on time to an important work event. Rachel can't decide what to wear, Monica is obsessing over Richard, Phoebe ruins her dress, and Joey and Chandler are fighting over the right to sit in a particularly comfy-looking armchair. At one point, both men sprint for it, with Joey emerging victorious. Three takes went well but, on the fourth, disaster struck. 

As LeBlanc recalled, "I went to jump over the coffee table, somehow tripped, my legs went up in the air, and my shoulder came out of its socket." The original footage is shown, in which the actor is gripping his arm with a grimace as it hangs lifelessly by his side. LeBlanc's former cast-mates are understandably aghast watching him yell "Ow!" after walking offstage. The injury was later written into the show, after Joey jumps on his bed and falls off (via YouTube). As the Mirror notes, Lisa Kudrow joked that the cast became superstitious after the incident occurred, because it was the one time they hadn't huddled up before heading out onstage. From that moment on, they vowed to always make time for it lest someone else get injured.