Who Is Jonathan Cohen, Mayim Bialik's Boyfriend?

Here are three random things we know about Jonathan Cohen, Mayim Bialik's partner. First, he's unbelievably good at pronouncing complicated words with an ungodly quantity of marshmallows stuffed into his mouth — a skill he proved when he and Bialik won an episode of "Celebrity Game Face" in September 2020 (via E!). Second, on the podcast he co-creates with Bialik, Cohen describes himself as a "futurist." He's also a writer, poet, and producer, because who needs to be just one thing? Third, Cohen and Bialik met a decade ago, so this isn't exactly a brand new relationship. Bialik was still married to Michael Stone when she and Cohen first laid eyes on each other ... at a birthday party for a toddler.

The transition from divorced, to single, to in a relationship with Cohen wasn't necessarily easy for Bialik. As Bialik admitted to her YouTube followers in 2018, "The emotional carnage of divorce is always there." But, "The Big Bang Theory" star wrote for Grok Nation, she and her ex are on good terms, and often spend holidays together with their kids. When Cohen entered the picture, he joined a blended family ... and then blended it some more. 

Like "The Big Bang Theory" alum, Jonathan Cohen is also a parent. It was to be closer to his son that he moved from Toronto, Canada to California in 2018. Cohen marked the occasion on Instagram. "I've done the coast-to-coast drive before but never in this time and never alone," Cohen wrote. "This is the start of a big adventure." 

Bialik and Cohen trash talk each other ... a lot

Here's what we know about Jonathan Cohen and Mayim Bialik's relationship. Bialik and Cohen are true masters at communicating through social media, especially for a couple born a few years too early to be millennials. Instagram? Check. Facetime? Check. TikTok? Check. As Bialik once recounted on The Gram, with a specific TikTok filter, Cohen thinks she looks like his sister. Bialik, however, sounds surprised every time Cohen rings her up ... at least according to Cohen (via Instagram).

What do Bialik and Cohen talk about exactly? They're not reciting love sonnets. Instead, Bialik and Cohen express their mutual affection through the art of trash-talking. "Jonathan and I trash talk each other all the time," Bialik admitted on the podcast she shares with Cohen (via Instagram). "I've never dated a person who talks so much trash. But I totally, like, it's fun .... for the first time in my life, I'm in a relationship with someone where it's like brutal ... it's so brutal."

Finally, Bialik and Cohen's communication problems aren't celebrity-sized. Instead, they're comfortingly relatable. No, really. When Bialik asks her BF, "are you okay?," what Cohen says he hears is: "Why won't you open up. you don't tell me anything about what's happening" (via Instagram). And when Bialik asks, "What should we do tonight?," Cohen says he understands: "Why don't you treat me like I'm special by showing me how much you care about me by having elaborate plans of what we should do together?"

Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen have a 'shared passion for mental illness education'

Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen created their podcast, "Mayim Bialik's Breakdown," together during the COVID-19 epidemic. "To be honest, 2020 was a beast of a year and my partner Jonathan [Cohen] and I have a shared passion for mental illness and mental illness education," Bialik told Forbes. "The idea [of the podcast is] to explore all the aspects of mental health that many of us are not told about." For the record, it was Cohen's idea to start a podcast. Bialik first pitched the project as a talk show (via Instagram). 

Cohen's life outside of his collab with his Bialik also revolves around mental wellness. He's been honing his skills in mindfulness and healing for two decades — a skill-set which no doubt helps him with his responsibilities as co-founder of Lotic. Lotic describes itself as a "behavior change company delivering Enhanced Human Insights," to help users "take control of their chronic condition and mental well-being" through a digital app and health provider portal. Cohen is also the founder of The Stories Company, an organization using "storytelling, media, technology, and design to model probable futures." 

Last but not least, Mayim Bialik's partner can definitely match her style. He's got a great pair of almost-hipster glasses, and a very solid sense of humor. Just watch Cohen and Bialik together in this Twitter clip, in which Jonathan insists that his name is actually "Mayim." No really, watch it. To hand the mic to one Twitter user, "Oh my gosh! You 2 are the cutest together!"