The Best Placement For Your Stove, According To Feng Shui

What's your plan of attack when it comes to situating the furniture in your home? As it turns out, the way we organize our homes can say a lot about us as individuals, and can even have a large effect on our mental health. For these reasons, many people opt for abiding by the guidelines of feng shui when it comes to interior design. For those of you who are unfamiliar, feng shui — Chinese for "wind" and "water" — is a concept inspired from an ancient poem that suggests a connection between human life and the energy of the environment around us, per National Geographic. Logistically, you can practice feng shui through the arrangement of the furniture in your space by abiding by specific rules of spatial arrangement and orientation. It will ultimately reward you with balance, comfort, and harmony (via Crane & Canopy).

You can implement feng shui into virtually any area of your space, but we'll be taking a closer look at it through the context of your kitchen — and, specifically, where to place your stove, with the end goal of putting it in a space that will spiritually and mentally benefit you.

This is where you should place your stove to reap the best results

The kitchen is a pivotal area of the house to incorporate feng shui, as it is one of the most popular areas of the home to gather and entertain. According to The Spruce, our stove represents "resources, career, and how you can nourish yourself to have the most success in the world." And by the guidelines of feng shui, where the stove is specifically located within the kitchen is one of the most important details.

A philosophy of feng shui that is often referred to is where the furniture is in regard to the main door in the room, as it can represent where the command or power is coming from. Therefore, within the kitchen, The Spruce says if you're truly in command of the kitchen, you should be able to see the door while you're cooking and using your stove. This position ultimately symbolizes your life and career, and your willingness to be open to people, energies, or opportunities in your future.

What to do if you can't move your stove

The kitchen can be an especially challenging area of your home to incorporate proper feng shui, as for many people, this space is full of stagnant, fixed items that can't be moved. Therefore, if moving the stove isn't an option, The Spruce suggests adding a mirror to a location that allows for you to see the door behind you while you are using your stove.

According to Extra Space, it is recommended that your sink and your stove should never face one another, as they represent conflicting elements: Water for the sink and fire for the stove. If these two items are facing each other, however, you can prevent any negativity by placing an island between them. Otherwise, opt for a green rug between the sink and the stove, as a run of a neutral color represents the element of earth and will therefore fend off any negative energies.

What feng shui says about the type of stove you should have

Believe it or not, the amount of burners that your stove has can say a lot about your success. Feng shui philosophy suggests that the more burners on your stove, the more you'll have the opportunity for success and wealth, according to The Spruce. Therefore, increasing your success could literally be as easy as increasing the amount of burners in your kitchen. This could be done by simply buying a stove with more burners, or, at the very least, making sure to have a stove with more than two burners.

However, if running out and purchasing a brand new stove isn't in your budget, you can cheat the system by buying a mirror. Place the mirror or mirrored object in a location that easily reflects your stove burners. In addition, Extra Space suggests adding a mirror immediately behind the stove, as it puts you in "command position" by allowing you to see more and creating the illusion of more burners and a larger space, per Extra Space.