The Concealer Stick That Lucy Hale's Makeup Artist Swears By

If there's one celebrity's makeup bag that we wished we could get our hands on, it's Lucy Hale's. The actress and beauty icon takes skincare very seriously and even detailed her lavish 25-step beauty routine for Vogue's Beauty Secrets YouTube series. In her beauty tutorial, she opened up about her struggle with cystic acne in her 20s and how that sparked her obsession with skincare and "having clean skin" (via Vogue). 

Hale also got candid about how her diet affects her skin health, and it's a struggle we can all relate to. "Obviously skincare and your skin routine and being consistent is just one factor to having healthy skin that you love," she said (via YouTube). "Like, I love food, but I love food that's probably not necessarily good for my skin. I love dairy. I love cheese. I love Greek yogurt." Her skincare routine may involve many steps and beauty products, but her youthful, glowing skin speaks for itself. But if you had to narrow it down, there's one product you should steal from her everyday makeup routine. Per Mind Body Green, she's waxed poetic about the powers of concealer and shared her makeup tip for hiding pesky pimples. She applies it to problem areas, before layering on a loose powder. There's a specific concealer stick that Hale's makeup artist uses to complement her makeup look.

Lucy Hale's makeup artist shares a concealer trick to look more well-rested

Celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek — who's also worked with stars like Julianne Moore, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Lili Reinhart (via Today) — is a firm believer in concealer and opened up to Byrdie about the versatility of Tom Ford's Concealer Stick. "On days where I'm up at 3 a.m. and on a few hours of sleep, I will use this concealer in medium, just in the inner corners of the eye," he explained. "Almost everyone — men included — have darkness in the inner eye area." 

Sesnek also added that there are many benefits to using this concealer, including its smooth application and coverage. "This product is more of a salmon/beige color, so it's not going to look like you're wearing anything at all, but it does work!" he told Byrdie. "Start slow and build up to desired intensity, pat in with fingers, and remove excess with a tissue. You will look like you had eight plus hours of sleep." Finally, an easy way to fake beauty sleep and say goodbye to annoying dark under-eye circles.