Here's How To Pull Off An Undercut With Thick Hair

The undercut is the hairstyle that only grows increasingly popular with time. There are several things you should know before you get one, such as how to grow it out, but you can rest easily knowing that they're super customizable and you'll be expressing yourself brilliantly. Furthermore, undercuts are great if you have thick hair, because they require chopping some of it off, which lifts weight off of you in addition to looking stylish. 

Undercuts give you a "much easier morning routine," especially if you have long and/or thick hair, because you simply have less hair to work with, according to Refinery29. All Things Hair noted that undercuts are perfect for people with thick hair in the summer because less hair means you'll stay cooler, especially when it comes to having less hair on your neck. They further explained that undercuts are nice with long and/or thick hair because they can be hidden by the rest of your hair, which would allow you to show your full hair or your more personal side any time you want — something not many hairstyles can offer.

Here's how to properly manage your undercut if you have thick hair

The fact that undercuts are great for people with thick hair is pretty undisputed. The Trend Spotter explained that they're perfect for managing your hair. The word "managing" is important because undercuts aren't simply about removing hair from your head; they're about putting a certain level of autonomy in your own hands.

The Trend Spotter offered two distinct recommendations for people with thick hair. "Cutting an undercut at the nape of your neck can help short styles such as bobs sit better. Meanwhile, a side undercut can be a great feature and make your hair much lighter," they explained. These two recommendations give people freedom to have shorter or longer hair while still benefiting from the undercut.

The main takeaway regarding undercuts with thick hair is simply that you need to manage them more (via All Things Hair). Don't worry, though. You don't need to go to the salon every week in order to properly manage your undercut. All you need to do is use an electric hair shaver to periodically border the undercut to keep it looking fresh and distinct, and you can maintain the undercut itself by shaving it down once a week or even every other week. You may have to do it more often with thick hair, but the overall maintenance won't be too different.

Overall, undercuts show off your style in a way completely unique to you, and if you haven't tried one before, maybe this is a sign!