Here Are Camila Cabello's Beauty Must-Haves

Picking out one defining moment in singer-songwriter Camila Cabello's beauty and style evolution is next to impossible. She's made all the right choices on the red carpet with her show-stopping gowns, flowing locks, and equally glamorous makeup looks. The shimmery pink, backless dress she paired with a sultry, smoky eye at the 2019 Grammys Awards is proof of her fashion expertise (via Life & Style ). 

Whether she's shooting a music video or walking the red carpet, Cabello's minimalist makeup routine always highlights her features without being over the top. Her cat-eye makeup look in the music video for her 2019 smash single "Señorita" with Shawn Mendes is very subtle and natural (via YouTube). It even inspired YouTube beauty tutorials and had fans rushing to copy the everyday look (via Miss Malini). In her 2018 interview with Vogue UK, the L'Oréal Paris global spokesperson openly admitted that her approach to beauty is simple and accessible, and was a giant factor in the design of her first makeup line with the beauty brand. Here are the beauty products she uses to get her signature look.

Camila Cabello's minimalist beauty routine consists of a few products

Camila Cabello told Vogue UK that she prefers to keep it simple with a few key beauty products in her everyday life. "I think that there's such a difference between the makeup that I wear when I'm not working and the makeup that I wear when I am," she explained. "So when I have a day off and I am wearing makeup at all, I usually just wear mascara and lip gloss and tinted moisturizer." She also added that she dials her makeup up a notch for performances, but generally sticks to the basics in both her beauty and skincare routine.

Cabello doesn't skip out on skincare and exfoliates daily to combat the dirt buildup on her skin from traveling constantly (via Vogue UK). For clear, soft skin, she swears by a honey-based moisturizer and clay and honey face masks. The "Havana" singer also filmed a makeup tutorial for L'Oréal Paris USA, where she dropped her favorite products from her Havana-inspired makeup collection (via YouTube). One of the products highlighted was the L'Oréal Paris Havana Camila Cabello Sun-lit Liquid Bronze. "What's really great about this bronzer is that it's super, super light and supernatural, and it just gives you a nice little tan without having to go into the sun," she shared. Her beauty line went for a natural, no-makeup makeup look — which is very on-brand for the pop star.