The Best Jewelry For A Square Face Shape

Have you ever picked out a piece of clothing that looked oh-so-flattering on the mannequin or model only to find it doesn't complement your body at all? Everybody and every body is different (see what we did there?). With jewelry, it's no different — while some styles bring out natural beauty, others might not do the trick. With jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, a lot of it comes down to face shape. According to Artisan and Fox, the varieties of face shapes include round, oval, rectangular, heart, diamond, and square. If you aren't already certain which form your beautiful face takes, go take a gander in the mirror or take a straight-on selfie.

Does the visage staring back you have a hairline that follows a straight line? Is your forehead basically the same width as your jaw? Are the curves of your cheekbones pretty minimal? Is there a straight line leading from your jaw to your forehead? According to Cosmopolitan, if you answered yes to these questions, then you likely have a square face shape! You're in good company, as celebs like Angelina Jolie, Kelly Osbourne, Sandra Bullock, and both Demis (Moore and Lovato) all have similar dashing good looks (via Cosmopolitan). Here are the types of jewelry that are optimal for all members of the square-shaped face club.

Long and soft jewelry pieces accentuate a square-shaped face

When choosing jewelry for a square face, opt for pieces that can soften the angles and bring balance. These types of jewelry tend to have an illusory effect, making your forehead and jaw appear narrower and your face appear longer, per Artisan and Fox

When it comes to earrings, look for anything long, dangly, and narrow, such as big oval hoops, long drop earrings, or skinny chandelier pieces. Necklaces for square-shaped faces follow similar guidelines. Choose necklaces that have length and curves, both of which elongate the face and soften the strong jawline. Pendants with sizable and strong focal elements can also help draw an onlooker's eyes downward, which will in turn make your face look elongated. According to Outlook, matinee, opera, princess, and rope lengths are ideal. Haircuts and styles for square faces are a whole different ballgame, but at least you now know what kinds of jewelry to accent with to achieve a flattering and swoon-worthy look.