Here's Where You Can Get The Exact Clothes Villanelle Wears In Killing Eve

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's award winning series "Killing Eve" has made the life of an assassin seem so cool and glamorous that we're starting to feel a little envious. From the captivating writing to the enigmatic characters, this cat-and-mouse thriller is an unquestionably essential series to add to your list of must-watches — if you haven't done so already.

But it isn't just the narrative elements of Waller-Bridge's "Killing Eve" that create an effective sense of immersion that make the show so very binge-worthy; it's the fashion — and specifically, Jodie Comer's fashion in the show. Comer plays Villanelle, a Russian assassin with a penchant for murdering and a killer sense of style. While her dubious executions keep us frozen in our seats episode after episode, her undeniably chic fashion choices are what keep our eyes glued to the screen.

Feeling guilty for drooling over the outfits of a sociopathic psycho killer? Don't feel guilty — so are we. Keep reading to learn more about the part that fashion plays in Waller- Bridge's show, as well as how you can snag some of Villanelle's most iconic looks from "Killing Eve."

What does Jodie Comer think of Villanelle's fashion sense

One of Villanelle's passions in "Killing Eve" is murder. The other? Shopping for extravagant clothing, of course. While Jodie Comer describes her style to Marie Claire as "lazy" and landing somewhere between "gym clothes" and "pajamas," she views Villanelle's sense of style as being in a totally different ball park. "[Villanelle's] got an innate sense of style, definitely," Comer explained. "I think she has very little rules. She wears what she wants to wear." She adds that Villanelle's outfit choices are often born from an overwhelmingly "materialistic" side of her. "For the clothes, it was an expression of self. She found so much joy in that. [It's] her outlet. That's what she likes to treat herself with and express herself with."

Villanelle's inclination to shop represents a great deal about her character. First and foremost, it reveals that being in the business of assassinating pays well. Her excessive shopping habit and extravagant outfits simultaneously serve as a sort of juxtaposition to the savage murders she will often commit just moments before or after buying something new and shiny. This personality trait demonstrates just how little committing murder bothers her, highlighting her sociopathic tendencies and temptations toward vices.

Villanelle likes a fashionable juxtaposition

Like her assassinations, Villanelle on "Killing Eve" never pigeonholes herself to one style. While her outfits can sometimes be overtly feminine, she just as often will opt for a more masculine and tailored look. Perhaps the best example of this stunning gender-neutral style is from Season 2, which Elle describes as highlighting her tendency to "coordinate her sartorial choices with both the occasion and the location she's visiting." In this one particular episode, she heads to Oxford to meet up with — and subsequently threaten — the husband of Eve (Sandra Oh). She opted for a preppy 'fit, consisting of a vintage men's shirt and high-waisted beige trousers by Raey, with a beige colored sweater tied by the arms around her shoulders. She tied the whole outfit together with, well, a tie.

This next outfit is one that on the rack, would appear to look good on no one — and yet it somehow suits Villanelle perfectly. In Season 3, she wears a matching pantsuit set of quite the abstract print that one might imagine to be an eye-sore. But in the show, it's anything but. Worn On TV linked an option that is nearly identical to the one that Comer wears on the show, but it is currently sold out. The look-alike in question is a double-breasted marble-print satin-faille jacket by Halpern that is typically $2,200 but is currently on sale for $1,100.

The iconic pink tutu dress

But perhaps Villanelle's most iconic look by far is one that she wore in Season 1 of "Killing Eve," that truly just epitomizes this assassin's versatile fashion. This outfit is such a showstopper, we can't imagine anything else topping it.

In this particular episode, Villanelle is being psychoanalyzed by a therapist to assess her mental state and to determine if she is fit for continuing her assassinations (via Vulture). To the appointment, Villanelle wears a pink Molly Goddard tutu dress and a pair of Balenciaga combat boots. But why this outfit, in particular? According to Macy Cate Williams via PopSugar, she believes this outfit highlights the "absurdity" of this meeting, of her job, and Villanelle's mundane perspective toward her career. "Villanelle, a hired assassin, prancing around in a glorified tutu. Or perhaps it's the combination of a sweet dress with edgy boots that makes it stand out. If she was wearing strappy heels, I might not have thought twice about it."