Here's What To Do If You And Your Significant Other Have Conflicting Zodiac Signs

Understanding each zodiac sign and how they all interact with each other definitely takes time. If you just discovered that you and your partner have conflicting zodiac signs, all is not lost. While there are definitely signs that read better together on paper, astrologer Lisa Stardust says there are "other factors within a birth chart" that can show compatibility (via Bustle).

Your sun sign — the one zodiac sign you may relate to the most — "shows what you want," according to The Sun. However, there are other factors going on. For instance, you also have a moon sign, which is more about your "emotional inner world" (via Allure). Bumble even says that the moon sign shows you "what you need in order to feel truly comfortable in your blossoming relationship." Not to mention, there is a Venus sign in your birth chart that can show you more about what you value in a relationship, according to Bustle. So, if you and your partner have incompatible sun signs, there is hope. There are a few things you can do to avoid the conflict.

Get to know your partner's full birth chart first

If you don't already know your partner's full birth chart, that should be your first step. You can easily get your birth chart with some basic info like your birthdate, birth time, and location of birth. Once you have that information, you can really dive into the intricacies of your compatibility. According to astrologer Juliana McCarthy, the first place you should look is at your moon signs (via Well + Good). According to McCarthy, "If your suns are opposite but your moons flow, this could be a very good match." She also notes that "sun-moon compatibility between two people is often more significant than sun-sun connections." 

Cosmopolitan also believes you should look to your Venus signs, because they show you what "makes you happy in love." So, there is a lot of hope if you have clashing sun signs. However, if you find that all your signs are incompatible, there is still hope. 

The fact that you're willing to take a deep dive into your astrological compatibility means that you're willing to work on your relationship. By knowing your partner's full chart — and what they love and hate — will demonstrate what you need to do or not do within the relationship. It's like if you started dating someone whose love language was physical touch. You would know to up the PDA for them in a way that works for you. You just have to think of it like a puzzle you're willing to solve.