Cast Reveals Why The iCarly Reboot Is Not For Kids

Fans hoping to relive some childhood nostalgia with the reboot of "iCarly" may be in for a surprise. Per IMDb, the original series ran from 2007 to 2012, which means that fans who were kids when they watched the show during its original run are all grown up now.

So are the stars of the show, and the reboot is going to reflect that growth. The new incarnation of the show will feature decidedly more adult storylines, and that includes sex. As cast member Jerry Trainor explained to Page Six, the new episodes won't "be super-raw" although "there's going to be sexual situations." He added, "And you know, I say 'damn it' in the trailer, which had everyone in a tizzy, but you know we're grown-ups."

Trainor's co-star, Nathan Cress, told the outlet that the "iCarly" reboot is "not specifically for kids," an update that is opening up a lot of possibilities for the beloved series.

The iCarly stars are all grown up

As Cress explained to Page Six, the fact that the "iCarly" reboot "is an adult show" is a big change, but a good one. "And that's been exciting for us — to just see where these characters from a kid's show would be and where they are in their life now, 10 years later," he said. "But in a very realistic, non-glossy way."

Kress is now 28 and a dad, a far cry from the nerdy, loveable teen he was when "iCarly" first aired. He'll also be playing a dad in the reboot of the show. "He's gone through a divorce and he's moved back in with his mother," the show's star, Miranda Cosgrove, told EW. "So Mary [Scheer], who played his mom on the show is back and we all are living in the same apartment building together."

The trailer for the "iCarly" reboot shows the actors drinking alcohol, dating, and swearing, so get ready for a very different — but still hilarious — ride with the updated show.