Terry Bradshaw's Net Worth May Surprise You

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Former NFL player Terry Bradshaw won four Super Bowl titles during his football career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and has a net worth of a neat $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Though Bradshaw has officially retired from playing on the field, his impressive skills during his youth ultimately led this football legend to become the well-recognized figure that he is today. During his high school days and college years at Louisiana Tech University, Bradshaw's obvious talent earned him the first pick in the 1970 National Football League Draft. During his time with the Steelers, Bradshaw was notably the Super Bowl MVP on two separate occasions.

Of course, Bradshaw didn't let his retirement from football slow down his career. In addition to his impressive sports skills, Bradshaw has made various television appearances on shows such as "Married with Children," "Everybody Loves Raymond," and "Malcolm in the Middle" (via IMDb). No doubt that branching out into other ventures helped Bradshaw continue to amass a steady stream of earnings. Currently, Bradshaw is a co-host and sports analyst for Fox Sports. Outside of appearing on the small screen, Celebrity Net Worth also notes that Bradshaw's earnings reflect well-chosen investments in both housing and planes. Yes, in addition to the housing market, Bradshaw also flips planes for profit. It's no wonder his net worth only continues to grow.

In his early days, Bradshaw played college football

Before his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers turned him into a football legend, Terry Bradshaw showed off his impressive sports skills at Woodlawn High School, where he led the football team to the 1965 AAA High School Championship game — and set a national record for javelin throwing. According to Britannica, Bradshaw's choice to attend Louisiana Tech University over the better-known Louisiana State University was surprising.

In a video interview with the NFL, Bradshaw reflected on his journey towards attending Louisiana Tech University. The former player spoke about receiving his first football for Christmas as a young child, stating that he was "drawn to it." With the gift, Bradshaw recalls telling his father, "I'm going to play professional football." Of course, Bradshaw would go on to show a talent for the sport throughout his school years. When it was time for Bradshaw to attend college, he initially signed with Louisiana State University. But, according to him, he felt reluctant about his choice, and flunking the ACT gave him "the out" that he wanted. Says Bradshaw, "As the country boy, or simple kid, that's [Louisiana Tech] really where I should've gone — small town, small school."

During his time in college, Bradshaw would break all the school's major passing records, another impressive display of talent that would push Bradshaw towards his career with the Steelers. Ultimately, Bradshaw's long-standing sports career and flourishing earnings prove that he made the right choice.

Terry Bradshaw stayed with the Steelers his entire career

Terry Bradshaw's impressive accomplishments in college made him a notable figure to pro scouts. Due to his highly sought-after skills, Bradshaw was the first draftee selected in the 1970 National Football League Draft. Bradshaw joined the Pittsburgh Steelers and had a successful career with the team. According to the Steelers, in addition to Bradshaw leading the team to four Super Bowl championships, he was named MVP in Super Bowl XIII and XIV and named the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 1978. According to the late coach Chuck Noll, "Terry, without a question, wanted to be the best."

In a January 2021 interview with Parade, Bradshaw mentioned his earnings with the Steelers in response to a question regarding the current salaries of players. Bradshaw said, "I signed with Pittsburgh for $25,000 rookie year, $5,000 raise next year and $100,000 signing bonus spread out over 10 years." While that might not seem like much compared to the hefty salaries footballers make today, Bradshaw seems to be content with his earnings during his time with the Steelers. In response to asking Bradshaw how he felt about quarterbacks today making $25 million in their first year, Bradshaw said, "Sick to my stomach's the answer to that one!"

Terry Bradshaw is an author, recording artist, and entertainment star

In addition to his impressive football career, Terry Bradshaw has also authored and co-authored books about his life and accomplishments. Some of his work includes "Keep It Simple," and the memoir "It's Only a Game." Bradshaw also has a love for music and has released various albums and singles. According to Billboard, music was Bradshaw's first love, and his 1976 single "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" actually reached No. 17 on the Billboard Country Singles chart, in addition to receiving multiple nominations for Dove Awards. Regarding Bradshaw's love of music, Rolling Stone states the former quarterback grew up singing in the choir at Shreveport's Calvary Baptist Church.

In addition to his ventures into writing and music, Bradshaw has also made appearances on multiple television shows, reality series, and movies, usually appearing as himself. His film roles include "Failure to Launch" and "Father Figures." His more recent television appearances include "The League," "Modern Family," and "Last Man Standing." In addition to his own reality series, "The Bradshaw Bunch," Bradshaw was also on "The Masked Singer" and the NBC reality series "Better Late Than Never." On the latter show, Bradshaw appeared as himself alongside actors William Shatner and Henry Winkler and Olympic gold medalist George Foreman and comedian Jeff Dye. The show ran for two seasons before being canceled by NBC. Undoubtedly, Bradshaw's legendary status earned him a pretty penny for his work outside of sports.

He is currently a co-host and sports analyst for Fox Sports

With plenty of experience on the field, the now-retired Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw has stayed true to his football roots. Bradshaw currently works for Fox Sports as a co-host for "Fox NFL Sunday" and sports analyst for "Thursday Night Football." According to Celebrity Net Worth, his current annual TV salary is $5 million, an impressive sum contributing to increasing Bradshaw's overall earnings. The former NFL player has been with "Fox NFL Sunday" since its start in 1994. His work for the pregame show even earned Bradshaw three Sports Emmy Awards (via IMDb) for Outstanding Sports Personality – Studio Analyst in 2000, 2002, and 2009. Bradshaw also received one win in 1999 and one nomination in 2000 for the TV Guide Award for Favorite Sportscaster.

However, according to SportsCasting, Bradshaw initially worked for CBS Sports as a commentator for games after he retired from the Steelers. In 1990, Bradshaw was put on the pregame show "The NFL Today," where he stayed until 1993. After Fox bought the rights to NFC games, Bradshaw was signed to Fox shortly after; however, his move from CBS to Fox wasn't without hesitation on the network's part. Fox executive David Hill stated, "I was told by various unnamed Fox executives that [Bradshaw] was an idiot." Fortunately for Fox, Hill trusted his instinct and signed Bradshaw anyway, who proved to be a hit, as noted by his accomplishments above.

He had his own reality show, The Bradshaw Bunch

Outside of his memorable career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and his work on Fox Sports, Terry Bradshaw has made some notable appearances in the entertainment field, recently taking a deeper dive into reality television with his series "The Bradshaw Bunch." The show, which currently has two seasons, follows Bradshaw, his wife Tammy, and their daughters, Rachel, Erin, and Lacey, offering an intimate look into their lives. While it is unknown exactly how much Bradshaw earns from the series, it likely factors into his previously mentioned $5 million a year television salary. 

In an interview with TV Insider, Bradshaw discusses how the idea for the show revolving around the former Steelers' quarterback came into conception. Bradshaw told the media outlet that the proposal resulted from executive producer Jason Ehrlich observing his family. Previously, Ehrlich worked with Bradshaw on NBC's "Better Late Than Never," which had given Bradshaw a taste of reality television. According to TV Insider, Bradshaw was interested in the concept and saw being able to spend time with his family as a worthwhile project. Says Bradshaw, "​​When this is all said and done, I hope my family is proud of it, and people get a kick out of seeing this."

Bradshaw has heavily invested in real estate

When it comes to housing, Terry Bradshaw has done some heavy investing and experienced some highs and lows. In a 2019 interview with MarketWatch, Bradshaw spoke about taking a financial hit due to the housing market crash. "I lost $900,000 in real estate right when the recession hit. I was heavily invested, about 13 million bucks to be exact." According to Bradshaw, a strange feeling caused him to sell properties in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico shortly before the recession. Bradshaw stated that Merrill Lynch told him in the aftermath that his decision to sell was his "smartest investment decision." Bradshaw followed this by saying, "I lost a lot, but it could have been a lot worse."

In 2016, it was reported by American Luxury that Bradshaw was selling his estate in Hawaii for $2.7 million. Bradshaw had purchased the property only a year prior for $1.85 million, meaning that the house's sale brought in a nice profit for Bradshaw. More recently, in 2019, Dallas Business Journal reported that the former QB was putting his longtime Oklahoma home on the market once again, stating that he no longer had "time to enjoy the ranch anymore." Previously, Bradshaw has listed the property for sale on and off, with the price varying from $11.9 million to $9.9 million. However, Bradshaw reportedly invested millions into renovations over the years, which boosted the ranch's value. At publication, the property still appears to be up for sale.

He's endorsed brands like Ford, Tide, Nutrisystem, and MicroPort Orthopedics

Because he's well-known in the world of sports, it's no surprise that name-brands like Ford and Tide have reached out to Terry Bradshaw in hopes of getting the former Steeler to endorse their products. In a 1990 commercial, Bradshaw is seen supporting Ford, citing the benefits of the brand's vehicles over their competitors. In a 2017 Super Bowl ad, Bradshaw appears in a humorous commercial promoting Tide's ability to tackle a barbecue sauce stain on his shirt. Considering that both are notably larger companies, Bradshaw likely received impressive earnings from both parties.

Bradshaw is also known for promoting wellness brands, having made numerous commercials for Nutrisystem. He's even listed as a success story on the company's site. So surely, a heavy endorsement from the sports star has equally benefited his financial assets. In 2017, Orthopedic Design and Technology reported that Bradshaw had signed an endorsement contract with MicroPort Orthopedics and would be the face of the company's Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System. As part of his agreement, Bradshaw would share his personal experience with using the EvolutionMP knee system. Though it's unclear just how much the company is paying Bradshaw in exchange for his endorsement, as the face of one of their products, Bradshaw's earnings are likely nothing to scoff at.

Bradshaw invests millions in planes

Terry Bradshaw knows how to make suitable investments. When speaking with MarketWatch, Bradshaw told the outlet how he learned to make purchasing planes profitable. "You have to be smart when you buy one. You have to use it for business. Then I learned how to flip a plane. I learned how long to use it and when you need to move it." Bradshaw went on to say that he'd purchased another plane while the interview was in progress, stating he had no fear in the idea of spending $4 or $5 million on an aircraft.

In a separate interview with Business Jet Traveler, Bradshaw dove deep into his love for planes, calling himself an "airplane junkie." Bradshaw explained that he wouldn't just purchase an aircraft at random. "I studied planes for four years, asked a lot of questions, and read all the books." The sports analyst went on to say that he'd just made a recent purchase and was already planning out his next one. In explaining his buying method, Bradshaw said that he didn't choose his investments superficially but instead based them on business needs. "I try to keep planes no more than two years and then I flip them," said Bradshaw.

Terry Bradshaw has made notable charity contributions

Terry Bradshaw is no stranger to giving back, and throughout the years, he's made some truly notable contributions. According to YourObserver, in 2017 Bradshaw autographed and sold bottles of Four Roses bourbon, and contributed all of the $10,000 of profits towards a local fundraising chapter of the Wounded Warriors Family Support, which assists the families of injured veterans. The prior year, Bradshaw had donated $8,000 from selling bourbon and donated the money towards the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps wounded veterans.

That same year, Newswire reported that Bradshaw made another notable contribution when he and his wife, Tammy donated $45,000 to the Waterboys organization. "Waterboys does a fantastic job of providing water for the people in North Africa, and to the families that have to struggle to go and get clean water," Bradshaw said when speaking about the group. The funds from the Bradshaws went towards constructing Waterboys' 19th well, which can provide clean water for up to 7,5000 individuals. Bradshaw additionally stated, "I believe so strongly that our calling on earth is to not always receive, but our calling on earth is that God has blessed us with the ability to help others."