The Gilmore Girls Role That Was The Hardest To Cast

A daytime classic that harkens back to a simpler time, "Gilmore Girls" featured multiple beloved characters that captured people's hearts for decades. Of course, finding actors that could do each role justice proved more difficult than many people likely realize.

Indeed, Vanity Fair reports, creators of the show had to find a full cast in just four weeks as opposed to the typical six to eight. In that time, they put together the show that tackled the pains of growing up, single motherhood and complicated family dynamics in a way that still made viewers feel good. Apparently, the two main characteristics each actor needed to have were funny and "fast talking".

As for the easiest roles to solidify, Luke Danes came with the fewest hiccups, the outlet reports. True to form, the rough-and-tumble, no-nonsense coffee shop owner became Scott Patterson's breakout role. "Amy said, 'I don't need to see anyone else. He's 100 percent it,'" casting director Jill Anthony recalled. "That [had never happened] before. And I credit her for having the vision to know what she wants, and to know what works — and I credit Scott for coming in and just completely inhabiting the character the way we all saw it."

Loreli and Rory both came along relatively easily as well. Producers loved Lauren Graham for the role of Loreli from the start and she eventually moved on from the other show she had starred in to join the cast. Alexis Bledel was something of a newcomer in the acting world at the time, but the show's creators were interested in her from the start.

Lane Kim was the hardest character to cast

While the show's main characters signed on somewhat easily, Lane Kim, Rory's best friend was another story. Vanity Fair chronicles the creators' struggle to find a Korean actress who fit the bill — they even started asking girls at the grocery store if they wanted to audition! Keiko Agena ended up being perfect for the role, with Anthony noting, "A lot of the girls who played the smart side had a hard time with the comedy side, and a lot of the girls with the comedy side were so bubbly, it wasn't the right marriage of intelligence and comedy. And she also just had a unique vibe that made her stand out."

The series quickly became a hit and stars auditioned for guest and recurring roles quite frequently. Hello! reports that Anna Kendrick auditioned for a role on the show and that Liza Weil initially tried out for Rory's part. Even though she wasn't cast, the producers liked her so much that they created a character just for her — the infamous Paris Gellar. Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch and Adam Brody each had small roles on the show as well.

In fact, the role of beloved Suki, played by Melissa McCarthy, initially went to someone else as well. Alex Borstein was originally slated as Loreli's best friend, but the other series she was working on wouldn't release her from her contract. And thus, McCarthy's career began to take off.

From the ease of casting Luke to the challenges of finding the perfect Lane, the "Gilmore Girls" producers certainly had their work cut out for them. Luckily, it all paid off in the end.