Bachelor Star Demi Burnett's Net Worth May Surprise You

Firecracker Demi Burnett made her reality television debut in 2019 on Colton Underwood's eventful season of "The Bachelor" (via The Hollywood Reporter). From the moment the 26-year-old dynamite stepped out of the limo on night one, it became clear that she would be one to watch. Though Burnett only made it to week six of the series (via Vulture), she became a fan favorite and was asked to return to the silver screen for the summer installment of "Bachelor in Paradise."

Burnett made history on "Bachelor in Paradise" as the franchise's first self-described "queer queen" contestant, and she became on half of the franchise's first same-sex couple (via Vulture). At the end of the season, Burnett made history again when she proposed to her girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty. Their relationship was inspiring to watch and provided much-needed representation for LGBTQIA+ couples, who are often absent from the large dating series market — unfortunately, the two eventually called it quits. Since joining Bachelor Nation, Burnett has amassed a large following, has stirred up some controversy, and has pulled in an enviable net worth (via Married Bibliography).

The Bachelor franchise transformed Demi Burnett's financial health

For appearing on Season 23 of "The Bachelor," Demi Burnett didn't earn any money and likely had to dip into her own pockets to pay for her wardrobe and other expenses (via Women's Health Magazine). Thankfully, the Texas native was paid for her time on "Bachelor in Paradise." The contestants on the series can earn anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 per season. Considering Burnett made it to the last episode, she must have taken home top dollar.

However, the reality star's biggest source of income is her social media following. Burnett has over 1.2 million Instagram followers, and she frequently secures brand deals and posts sponsored content to her feed. Some of her partnerships include promoting the hairstyling tool company Bombay Hair, the skincare company GlamGlow, and Colgate. As an influencer with a following of over 1 million, Burnett can earn over $250,000 for a single sponsored post (via CNBC). She can also earn money from sponsors for her hit podcast, "Big Demi Energy with Demi Burnett" (via Apple). Burnett launched the show in April of 2020 and has already released 25 episodes.

According to Married Bibliography, Burnett is worth $1 million as of 2021.