Inside RHOP Star Robyn Dixon's Relationship

Designer Robyn Dixon has been a firm fixture on "The Real Housewives of Potomac" since Season 1. People reported that there was speculation that she'd be leaving the show after Season 5. However, she told the publication, "I am looking forward to being part of the new season and sharing my story with the viewers who have been supportive of my journey and the show." Like so many of her castmates, Robyn has put so much of her life into the show, including her relationship with Juan Dixon.

Viewers have had the pleasure of watching their romance develop. Bravo detailed that they even got engaged in 2019 at a holiday party, however, their relationship has been far from conventional. Bravo highlighted that Robyn shared the origin stories of her relationship during a therapy session that aired on the show. It transpires that they met in 1996 while they were both in high school. She admitted she already knew who he was when he approached her and the rest is history. 

People notes that their engagement in 2019 was the second time that Juan had got down on one knee, so there's definitely  much more to the couple's story than meets the eye.

Robyn has an "unconventional" engagement

When Juan Dixon asked Robyn Dixon to marry him in December 2019, she wrote on Instagram, "An untraditional relationship calls for a non-traditional ring." Later in the post she added, "sweeter the second time around." This is because this isn't the first time that Juan and Robyn have been engaged to each other. The Daily Mail reported that they were married for seven years from 2005.

However, Bravo reported that when it's come to raising their two sons, Corey and Carter, they've maintained a united front. The duo remained close to co-parent their children; Juan has even appeared on "RHOP" since the show began. The Daily Mail writes that during his proposal Juan said, "As you all know, Robyn and I tried this once before. It didn't work out. I was young and dumb. I appreciate you so much, and I want to try this for a second time. Will you marry me?"

And the ring that Juan proposed with represents just how unique their relationship is. On Instagram, Robyn outlined, "I told a little birdie that if Juan ever proposed, I didn't want a diamond ring...that didn't work out too well the first time, lol. I fell in love with the Pink Morganite stone because I wanted something with significance and meaning. Morganite represents unconditional love – something that our relationship exhibits and has relied upon."

Robyn told Bravo that she hopes to have a small destination but the pandemic has put a stop to her plans.

Robyn feels that her relationship has sometimes been misrepresented

Over the first few eisodes of "The Real Housewives of Potomac," both Juan and Robyn Dixon were open about how their relationship went the first time around and why she eventually filed for divorce. Robyn explained, per Distractify, "I filed [for divorce] ... It's the hardest thing I've ever done in life. To raise two kids, ... less than two years apart, by myself pretty much, because Juan was in the NBA. He was constantly traveling. I'm changing diapers, ... I'm not getting sleep, and I'm walking around like a zombie."

However, she reflected on Season 2 of the show and told Bravo that she felt that her partner had been misrepresented as he wasn't as interested in the series as some of the other castmates. "I hated Season 2 and how people perceived him because I feel like when the cameras were around, he just wasn't in the mood to film. And it came through and that was the perception that people had of him," she noted. "So I really love that he kind of watched himself back from Season two and he was like, 'Oh yeah, okay, I see, I get it. Like, let me act like myself ... rather than being annoyed with the cameras ... It took him a while to grasp that and to get comfortable with that."

They've gone on to become one of the most popular couples in the series.