The Most Popular Cropped Cardigans That Taylor Swift Would Approve Of

With Y2K fashion making a comeback, crop tops are all the rage in 2021 (via The Trend Spotter). Someone who's been ahead of the crop top trend for years is Taylor Swift. Swift has been killing it in crop tops since 2014, according to Teen Vogue, and most recently, sported a stunning crop top sequined look at the 2021 BRIT Awards (via Elle). 

As a style icon, Swift has also helped to bring cardigans back in fashion, following the release of her single "Cardigan" in July 2020 (via Refinery29). Together, these two trends have given rise to the cropped cardigan look that can be seen all over TikTok and Instagram. It's the perfect cozy and cute top for the summer that you need to add to your closet ASAP if you don't already own a few. If you do need a little help finding the best cropped cardigans, The List has assembled some of the best of the best that you can add to your shopping cart right now. 

From micro cardigans to classic black, these are cropped cardigans you need

If you're working with a budget, H&M is a great place to look for closet staples without completely breaking the bank. In fact, this white cardigan from H&M is just what you need for the summer, according to PopSugar. It's only $18 and will pair perfectly with whatever tee you have on or floral dress you've got. 

If you're looking for something super cropped like Hailey Bieber's micro cardigan, you can find something similar at Nordstrom Rack or just Nordstrom for $20 to $30 (via InStyle). Marie Claire even has a roundup of cropped cardigans that are perfect for the warmer weather with lightweight fabrics and bright colors. After all, this is a hot girl summer, but you want to look hot, not feel hot. 

Despite their rocky history, Kim Kardashian even sported a Swift-like cropped cardigan recently when meeting up with Donatella Versace and Kim Jones (via Yahoo!). In a post to her Instagram, Kim can be seen wearing a 1990s cropped red Dolce & Gabbana cardigan. You can find a similar one online at ASOS if you'd like to steal the look. 

While Swift is known for wearing a lot of vibrant colors and sparkles, she also tends to wear just a traditional black crop top a lot, according to Teen Vogue. So, if you're looking for something classic and chic like Swift, you can't go wrong with this black cropped cardigan from ModCloth.