Read This Before You Take Off Your Fake Eyelashes

Yanking off your false eyelashes can leave you with red eyes and fewer natural lashes — neither of which is ideal. But, those false long lashes provide an eye-opening effect and can be incredibly fun to wear on a night out. But, before you remove them next time, follow these steps to create a pain-free, easy removal process.

First of all, make sure you apply them correctly. Lash glue should never get near your real lash line; make sure to place them properly so you can remove them with minimal consequence. Courtney Buhler, Founder and Lead Artist of Sugarlash PRO, explained to Bustle, "Strip/False lashes aren't designed to be pressed into the natural lash line. When adhering the falsies to your eye you want them close to the lash line but not on it. If the adhesive gets pressed into the natural lashes, this is when damage can occur."

When it's time to remove them, avoid peeling them off dry; instead, reach for coconut oil first to soften the glue. The outlet recommends letting the oil sit for around 30 seconds as it loosens the glue then gently gliding them off of your face. Rather than picking and peeling, you can also hop in the shower while the heat and steam helps melt the adhesive, Byrdie suggests. Especially when it comes to those last few lashes, this trick may be incredibly helpful in removing as many as possible.

Consider going to a professional to remove your false lashes

If you got your makeup done professionally, they may have used professional-strength glue — making it even more important to be gentle in their removal. Indeed, Byrdie reports, the glue is often considered surgical grade, so make sure to ask before they apply your lashes. By going to a technician, they can use their professional tools to slide your falsies off pain free while avoiding any bacteria spreading around the area as well. But, if you can't get to a salon, you can purchase professional-grade remover for home use, the outlet suggests.

"You can definitely loosen extensions by taking hot showers and drenching them in oils, but to remove safely, with as little damage as possible, you'll need to purchase a remover. Remember, lash extension bond is quite similar to superglue, you have to use something that dissolves it to avoid extra damage to the natural lash," notes Sahara Lotti, CEO and Founder of Lashify.

If you notice your lashes growing sparse, pick up some lash growth serum to help fortify your natural lash line before you use falsies, Bustle suggests. With extra nutrients and support, your lashes will grow strong enough to withstand the weight of acrylic additions. Byrdie also recommends being cautious with your natural lashes after removing your extensions. They might be exceedingly delicate following the adhesive additions, so be gentle when you're applying or removing makeup for a few weeks.