The Biggest Mistakes You're Making With False Eyelashes

Falsies are known to bring the drama — whether that's from your look or your struggles to apply them depends on a few factors. From sticky glue to delicate skin, it can be difficult to get the perfect lash line when you're using falsies. However, the lead up to applying your false eyelashes may be the most important part of the process. 

According to Vogue, choosing the right false lashes for your style is key to finding the ones that look the best for your face shape. In order to draw more attention to your eyes and "open them up," you'll have a lot of options to choose from. Today, the two main choices are strip lashes and individuals; after individual hairs have become more popular, it appears that makeup artists agree that applying this type is much easier. Celebrity makeup artist, Daniel Bauer tells the outlet that, "Extremely long false eyelash strips can look super dramatic, but tend to make the person and their makeup look a little dated. Individual lashes are equally effective, but always look more natural and believable."

To make your lashes look naturally long and curled, individual lashes may be the best option for you. But, before you even think about applying them to your lids, whatever type you're using needs to fit your unique eye shape. So, spend time measuring, cutting and curving your product to your specifications.

Choose the right eyelashes for your eye shape

For monolids, Glamour recommends opting for false eyelashes that get longer towards the corners and have a slightly shorter length — these will help open up your look. If you have hooded eyes though, it may be best to avoid strip lashes completely. Bauer tells Vogue, "If you have hooded eyes, for example, using strip false lashes can make your eyes look smaller and enhance your hooded lids."

As for application, once you've gently removed the falsies from the case, wrap the set of lashes around your fingers to warm up the base. By doing so, you can more accurately measure the curvature of your lash line, per Glamour. From here, hold your lashes up against your lid and measure how long they should be; cut off whatever is unnecessary. Having any extra hanging off the edges of your eyes can make them look droopy, so pay special attention to the outer corners. Glamour also suggests cutting your lashes into quarters for easy application and a more realistic look.

But, perhaps the most important part of the process involves the glue. Add just a small amount to the band and let it sit for a few seconds to get tacky, the outlet says. You can even opt for a bobby pin or cotton swab for easy application. The bottom line: slow down when you're working with glue and false eyelashes. Those extra few minutes you spend on getting it just right will make a huge difference.