Victoria Larson Responds To Critics Of Her New Bachelor In Paradise Look

Former "Bachelor" star Victoria Larson is no stranger to controversy. The contestant for Matt James' heart was accused of bullying the other women in the house, and eventually copped to her mistakes, sharing via an Instagram Story, "I feel bad if my words or actions offended anyone. I take time each day to reflect and learn the lessons" (via Us Weekly). She promised to "do better next time."


Well, it seems the next time has presented itself, with Larson having joined the cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" (via Marie Claire). And even though the show won't air until August 16th, somehow the self-described "Queen," who was also at the receiving end of body-shaming comments, is already making waves.

As Us Weekly reports, "Bachelor" fans were quick to notice that Larson's look has changed since she was on James' season. The formerly-brunette reality star, who is now rocking blonde locks, didn't deny the charge, and instead, took to Instagram to share side-by-side photos of herself and addressed rumors of having gotten plastic surgery.

Victoria Larson's confidence is sky high

As a caption to her Instagram post that showed the side-by-side images, Larson joked, "Guys it's called, sleep. And not having a swollen eye." According to Cosmopolitan, the star admitted to having a stye on a group date during her time on James' season.


She went on to share, "yes I got my lips done but they're also over lined in that photo." Larson then got a little deeper about her appearance, writing, "Going on the bachelor straight from covid and the pandemic, my priorities honestly were not wrapped around external beauty. I've gotten to focus on both internal and external beauty since then and would appreciate the hateful, hypocritical comments about my appearance and 'behavior' while on a tv show to cease."

Larson sassily added, "Plus I was always beautiful so don't always judge someone from one season." The "BIP" star also shared a TikTok video captioned, "To every one [sic] hating on my new look. #bachelorinparadise."

She then declared, "Hit 'em with a plot twist anytime you want, sis. It's your life and shout out to my Botox girl. I looked good both ways. Don't get it twisted."