Spice Girl Emma Bunton Shares Exciting Relationship News

Congratulations to Emma Bunton and Jade Jones for officially tying the knot! On Tuesday, July 13, the Spice Girl posted a photo of herself and Jones on Instagram in their wedding attire, looking happily in love, with the caption "Mr. and Mrs. Jones!" While fans showed their excitement for the couple in the comments section of the Instagram post, some were noticeably confused by the news. According to The Independent, Bunton and Jones have been together for more than 20 years and announced their engagement back in 2006. It would appear that some had totally forgotten that the two weren't actually married until just now, or perhaps assumed they had gotten married sometime during their 15-year engagement. 

Television presenter and entertainer Jamie Theakston was one of the confused many, who commented, "Wait ... WHAT ?" followed by a series of heart emojis. 

Another commented, "What took you so long?" referencing a song by Bunton of the same name. 

Emma always dreamed of having a private wedding

As for the details of the wedding, unsurprisingly, Emma Bunton looked absolutely stunning on her big day. She sported a short white wedding dress from Miu Miu with a lattice ruffle bib and long organza sleeves (via the Daily Mail). She paired the dress with a gorgeous flower crown and long, flowing train. The groom sported a Gucci blazer, cream-colored pants, and a brown hat.

Back in 2018, Bunton, aka Baby Spice, gushed about her future dream wedding, explaining to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 that she and Jones, who have two children together, Beau and Tate Lee Jones, "would love to [get married] actually." She said they had "talked about it" but wanted the event to be private. "Every time we try it's out there," Bunton said (via The Independent). "We want to do it privately on our own." And, indeed, a private wedding is exactly what they had.

Among the many who shared their congratulations with the newlyweds was fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, who commented on her Instagram photo, "Congratulations. Love u both so much!! X."