The Aerie Leggings That TikTok Influencers Swear By

Leggings are one item of clothing that everyone wants to invest in for two reasons: they're comfortable and they can make you look amazing. When you find the right pair of leggings that slim your waist and push up that booty, it's like you've hit the jackpot. However, not all leggings are a total win. 

Some leggings stretch so much that they become almost see-through, while other leggings bunch up in areas you just don't want them to bunch (via Cosmo). Finding the right pair of leggings is like trying to fit everyone's foot into Cinderella's shoe — you have to try a few before you find the right ones.

But, luckily, TikTok influencers are here to save the say. With the rise of influencers using the social media app to review and share clothing trends and hacks, it makes it that much easier for us to find the best items for low prices. Who doesn't want a personal shopper through a fun, engaging app? 

Recently, TikTok users have shared the latest pair of leggings that they swear by and luckily, they're totally affordable, too.

The trending TikTok leggings you need

While everyone heard about the "butt-lifting" leggings on TikTok and ran out to buy them, some may have missed these trending leggings that are that much better. While the other leggings focus on your booty, these leggings slim down your waist and give you a tight, flat-tummy look just because of their cut. The leggings, made and sold by Aerie, have a "criss-cross" design on the top, that allows your waist and belly to appear totally flat (via InStyle).

The leggings not only come in a ton of shades and colors, but they also come in full-length leggings or cropped ones. After they gained a ton of Internet popularity, users also discovered that Aerie sells the cross over look in bike shorts and bathing suit bottoms, too A total win/win. 

The best part about Aerie is that their clothing is totally affordable, and they're always having sales. These tie-dye crossover leggings are on sale for only $23 (via Aerie). If anything else, at least you know their influencer verified!