Inside Sexy Beasts' James & Alexis' Relationship Today

Netflix put a whole new twist on blind dating when they developed their reality series "Sexy Beasts." Singles looking for love dramatically transform themselves so they're physically unrecognizable on their dates. In the first few episodes, viewers meet a demon, a mouse, a pixie, and a frog all putting their best foot (or hoof) forward. But here's the inside gossip on James and Alexis' relationship. James was in the power seat as he had three single girls to pick from. However, none of them really knew what to expect.

James and Alexis were the stars of the second episode of "Sexy Beasts." He shocked viewers as a very fluffy beaver, while she was dressed as a leopard. In the animal world that's an unusual combination but they seemed to make it work as James selected to meet Alexis without all of the costumes. He also went on dates with Tamiko who was dressed as a zombie and Amber who endeared as a pixie.

Alexis won James over on their date and they even shared a kiss (of sorts) at the end. The Cinemaholic explains that going into the show, James said he was at the age where he was ready to "fall in love." So, things seemed promising between the couple. However, things may not have ended how you expect.

James and Alexis actually have a social connection

There may have been a face-to-face connection between James and Alexis but there was no denying that the couple had a lot going on. Decider outlines that they follow each other on Instagram but it appears that's as far as their relationship goes.

Reality Titbit explains that Alexis is still studying law in New York City while James has been working on his superhero stunts. Has the stuntman booked a gig that extends beyond the animalistic reality TV genre? Who knows!

And if Alexis' Instagram is anything to be believed then it'd seem she's happily coupled up. The student has posted several pictures being lifted and cuddled by a mystery man. In one of the images of them at a vineyard (pictured), she wrote, "happy bean." It'd seem that their relationship is parent official too as on March 28 she posed for pictures with her close family and said, "so grateful." Alexis may not have found love on "Sexy Beasts" but she certainly seems very happy.

James, on the other hand, also seems to be thriving. He's pursuing a career in the world of action movies. He captioned a clip of his training, "As a man, I'm learning to become outcome independent...I'm learning to just do my due diligence and let what is for me come to me...anyways few tricks I learned in a week."