Are Emma & Bennett From Sexy Beasts Still Together?

In case you missed it, Netflix dropped one of the more bizarre reality dating shows out there today when it unleashed "Sexy Beasts" to the world. The basic premise of the show is not unlike dating shows that have come before it: person meets person, they interact, and they decide if they want to pursue anything further. However, there's one big plot twist: unlike any other dating show, the participants in "Sexy Beasts" are all wearing elaborate make-up and prosthetics that completely obscure what they actually look like. In fact, the participants don't see one another's real faces until the end of the show.

Reactions to the series have been mixed. As Wired's Katie Kibbs put it, the trailer for the show held a lot of promise, writing "When the 'Sexy Beasts' trailer came out, its bonkers makeup artistry and high-concept gimmick were enough to generate a thousand furry-joke headlines and scores of Twitter reactions. It looked like a sure bet for Netflix." Unfortunately, the reality might just not be good enough. Kibbs added, "I have my doubts about 'Sexy Beasts' staying power, though. The final product is just too boring."

However, the show is definitely getting a lot of attention right now, and people are wondering what happened to the couples who did get together on the show.

Here's what happened to Emma and Bennett from 'Sexy Beasts'

A lot of fans were drawn to one couple in particular: Emma and Bennett. Emma was dressed up as a demon, and Bennett was dressed up as a Mandrill. The two were thrown together in the show's pilot episode, when Emma was introduced to three suitors: Archie, Bennett, and Adam. 

Emma was drawn to the show because, as she explains on the show, she's tired of meeting men who are only interested in her for her looks. As a six-foot-tall model in New York, this is apparently a huge problem. 

She dismisses Adam early on, leaving Archie and Bennett to duke things out. Emma and Bennett ended up having a genuinely fun and exciting first date at an amusement park, and she quickly chose him over Archie in the end. Once they each finally revealed their faces, things only seemed to improve, with Bennett commenting, "This doesn't end here for me and Emma. I know it doesn't. Like, it's amazing. Fairytale ending" (via Meaww).

Interestingly, it's difficult to know if the two are still together! Neither features the other on their Instagram pages - @emmapapatzanaki and @bennettcangetit respectfully – but never say never. After all, they might be playing it cool until the show concludes.