Below Deck Season 9 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

For eight years, viewers have tuned into Bravo to watch the shenanigans of crew and guests sailing aboard a superyacht in the hit reality series "Below Deck," and many fans are curious what to expect from Season 9. On the show, crew members, led by Captain Lee Rosbach, experience both personal and professional drama as they cater to often-demanding guests aboard the luxury yacht as it sails the Caribbean. 

While nothing official has been announced by the network yet, it's likely the series will return for a new season on Bravo later this year. Season 8 premiered in November 2020, and it's probable the next season will do the same in 2021. Not only was "Below Deck" recently nominated for two Emmy Awards but Capt. Rosbach confirmed a new season has been filmed.

According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, Capt. Rosbach revealed details about an upcoming season during a virtual event on Bravo's YouTube channel in June. He called filming Season 9 "challenging" adding, "But yeah, we had some unusual guests this year, which I thought was rather unique. Had some unusual crew as well, which probably wasn't so unique. So great combination of both."

Expect to see favorite crew members mixed with some new

When "Below Deck" returns for a new season, it is certain to bring many favorite crew members back with it, including Capt. Lee Rosbach and bosun Eddie Lucas, but some cast from Season 8 won't be on board. 

As viewers know, stewardess Elizabeth Frankini and deckhand Shane Coopersmith were both fired during the eighth season, so their positions will be filled with new employees, although they could be familiar faces. According to The Cinemaholic, Season 6 stew Josiah Carter was asked to replace Frankini, but his participation was thwarted by COVID-19. 

One main cast member whose identity is up in the air is the yacht itself. Past seasons have featured different yachts, including My Seanna from Seasons 6 and 8, according to Boat International. Whether the crew will sail on Valor, Eros, Ohana, My Seanna, or Honor has yet to be announced.