If You're A Libra, This Is The Type Of Person You Shouldn't Marry

Libras — born between September 22 and October 23 — hate being alone, according to Co – Star Astrology. Since they are ruled by the planet Venus, Libras love to be in love and are looking for companionship (via Cosmopolitan). Out of all the zodiac signs, they're also known for being the most flirtatious. But that's just because they know how much they thrive while in love, and are in a constant search for their "person."

Since Libras are also represented by the scales, they love to feel balanced and that includes their partner. They need someone who will make them feel stable. If you're a Libra trying to find the right partner to balance out your life, it may help to know what types of people to avoid. Of course, everyone is different and you love who you love, but as a Libra you may work best with certain zodiac signs and personality types. If you need help pinpointing just who those people are, here are the key things to watch out for.

A Libra needs someone who can keep it fun and make decisions for them

With your flirty vibes, you like to keep things lighthearted, according to PureWow. This may be why Scorpios are not necessarily the most compatible zodiac sign with Libras. Their mysteriousness may be too intense for a Libra who just wants to keep it happy and fun. Since you're also looking for someone to balance you out, that may mean you need to lean into the "opposites attract" mentality. While Virgos and Libras have a lot in common, you may be too similar to make a long-term relationship like marriage work out. 

Another result of Libra's need for balance and peace is that they tend to be bad at decision-making (via Bustle). You may have a difficult time deciding on date night plans if left to make all the choices for yourself. For this, you need to find someone who isn't as bad at making a decision. A fellow Libra could mean that every date night is just scrolling through Netflix and never settling on something to watch.