Why Leah Remini's Old Friends Think She Is A Hypocrite

Leah Remini is the beloved actress who appeared in long-running sitcom "The King of Queens" alongside Kevin James, before reuniting with the comedian on "Kevin Can Wait," (via IMDb). She also featured in movies including "Second Act," opposite real-life BFF Jennifer Lopez (via Oprah Daily), and served on the panel of "The Talk." However, despite her impressive career, Remini is most well-known nowadays for being a thorn in the side of controversial celebrity religion Scientology, from hosting documentaries to writing books on the subject. 

The church is so concerned about Remini's continued attention that, in 2021, the Daily Beast revealed a shocking report about how she and Lopez had allegedly been tailed by private investigators while shooting "Second Act." The actress argued in response, "For five decades, Scientology has denied that they use their tax-exempt status to engage in stalking and harassing their victims in an attempt to silence those speaking out," pointing to founder L. Ron Hubbard's own words about opposing the religion. 

However, although Remini stated firmly, "I say this to Scientology and any piece of s**t working for it: You got the wrong family to be f*****g with," former close friends of the "King of Queens" star claim her fight isn't entirely personal. 

Does Leah Remini simply love to fight with people?

According to blog Leah Remini – Aftermath: After Money – named after the actress's popular A&E series "Scientology and the Aftermath" (via IMDb) — a former friend of Remini, who's allegedly know her since childhood, claimed she's constantly spoiling for a fight. "Since she was 14, this was a person that always had to be involved in wars," the insider advised, noting there was never a point when Remini was simply living her life calmly. According to the unnamed source, it has nothing to do with Scientology specifically, rather the church is simply the current subject of the "Second Act" star's ire. A second source claimed Remini started exhibiting negative behaviors much earlier in life, which suggested she wasn't "a nice person," and her relationships with former Scientology members have exacerbated all of those bad traits. 

Remini's former friends are particularly insulted by the actress's claims her loved ones have been strong-armed into ditching her, since they claim she actually cut them off. Former friend Stacy Francis revealed, "She's the one that disconnected from people all the time." Remini would allegedly change her phone number every time someone disagreed with her and would stop talking to detractors altogether. As Francis claimed, "So now she's trying to flip it to make herself the victim." It's worth noting Remini has made it clear, on several occasions, that she's speaking up and using her platform to help those who "don't have a voice" (via E! News).