Meet Sandra Vergara, Sofia Vergara's Actress Cousin

If you're thinking the name Sandra Vergara sounds familiar, it's likely you might be thinking of her cousin, Hollywood star Sofia Vergara. Sofia has undeniably made it. Her charm made us fall in love with Gloria on "Modern Family," and she has a fellow star as her husband, actor Joe Manganiello.

But we're here to get to know her cousin, Sandra — although they're more like sisters. Sofia's mom is sister to Sandra's mom, but, due to Sandra's mother dealing with emotional issues, Sofia's mother took in Sandra when she was just 1 month old and raised her as her own (via HuffPost). Now that we have unwoven the branches of the Vergara family tree to avoid any confusion, let's find out what Sandra Vergara is currently up to.

As it turns out, Sandra also likes to work the red carpet. And, when we say work, we mean literally: The Colombian-born beauty is currently working as a correspondent for People TV and mingles with A-listers on the red carpet (via Instagram).

Sandra Vergara has made it on her own

With both of these cousins/sisters in the entertainment business, we can't help but wonder how much Sofia Vergara has lent a helping hand to Sandra Vergara. In response to how much it helps to have a family member already in the spotlight, the People correspondent is clear that she has made it on her own. "It helps, not because Sofia helped me," she said (via HuffPost). "It's not like that. I did everything on my own, but it helps because it's name recognition." However, she did concede that it's helpful for her that Sofia is "beloved by the public. Being related to someone who is so dear is a good thing. It wouldn't be the case if my sister was Lindsay Lohan." Ouch! But, we understand Sandra's point about being popular in the public eye.

Professionally, Sandra is doing great. But, as far as we can see from her social media, it doesn't seem like she shares her personal life with a special someone. "Is there a prince in this fable / For a small town girl like me?" she mused in a poem Instagram. "The good ones are gone or not able / And Matt Damon's not meant for me."

Don't you fret, Sandra. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and it seems like you're doing amazing just as you are!