The Truth About Mary Fitzgerald's Relationships With Her Fellow Agents - Exclusive

If you're anything like us, then you probably love a bit of TV drama. And when that TV drama is mixed with stunning real estate, gorgeous fashion, and a brokerage of badass real estate ladies? That's a magic combination that's got binge-worthy written all over it. This style of highly entertaining content is most likely why "Selling Sunset" has been such a major success since its debut in 2019, having already been renewed for a fourth and fifth season (via Radio Times). Which, by the way, we're still patiently waiting on an official release date confirmation for.


The List had a chance to chat with Mary Fitzgerald of "Selling Sunset" for an exclusive interview, one of the show's titular members and lead estate agents. She told us all about some of the behind-the-scenes gossip, teased about the upcoming season, and of course, dished about her relationships with her fellow agents. Keep reading to get some of the tea.

Here's what Mary Fitzgerald had to say about whether the drama in the show is real

While Netflix's "Selling Sunset" has such juicy content, it sometimes seems too good to be true, rest assured — none of it is scripted. While some moments might be dramatized or reshot for production reasons, Mary Fitzgerald explained that the content we see on the show is all real life. "We never really know what's going to happen because one of us can have something happen in our lives, and then everything switches gears and focuses towards that," Fitzgerald explained. "[The production team] comes up with a game plan of what they want to show and when and where the cameras are going to be. And then life happens." And amongst the content that is very real, indeed, are the friendships and relationships in the show.


Fitzgerald told us all about her relationship with current boss and former ex-boyfriend, Jason Oppenheim, explaining that they are closer now than they ever have been before. She gushed all about Oppenheim, calling him one of her "best friends" as well as a solid co-parent to their shared dogs.

But what about her relationships with her fellow estate agents?

Are Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn still friends?

According to Mary Fitzgerald, she has a "great relationship with everybody" within the Oppenheim Group brokerage except for Christine Quinn. The show details the relationship between the two, which can be understood as having been very close at one point. But as the episodes progress, the two begin to distance themselves from one another.


While Fitzgerald only alluded to the tensions between herself and Quinn, saying that they haven't "gotten back on track" yet, she opened up a bit more in an interview per Screen Rant. Fitzgerald explained that she and Quinn are "not that close anymore, we just don't talk frequently unless there's a reason to." She continued, "But we're in a decent place, and we get along whenever we talk. We just haven't had the opportunity to get back to a closer place like we used to be." We can only assume the dynamic between Fitzgerald and Quinn will be addressed in great detail in the upcoming season of "Selling Sunset."

This is the agent that Fitzgerald is closest to

As for the other agents at the Oppenheim Group, Fitzgerald couldn't be closer with them. She even shared that the brokerage has some brand new faces that will be introduced to the team in the upcoming season, and she "absolutely adore[s] both of them." Fitzgerald considers fellow agent Chrishell Strause one of her closest friends, and has even been hugely supportive of Strause's new romantic relationship with Fitzgerald's ex, Jason Oppenheim (via People). In a recent interview, Fitzgerald said per People, "They are both two of my closest and dearest friends, so I'm over the moon that they're together and make each other so happy."


But the friend that appears to be nearest and dearest to Fitzgerald is none other than Amanza Smith-Brown, a woman that she calls a "soulmate in girl form." According to Fitzgerald, she and Smith-Brown have been friends for over 20 years. The two met when Fitzgerald first moved to L.A. "She's actually from Indiana and she used to date one of my old friends," Fitzgerald explained. "We didn't know each other in Indiana, but he used to show me pictures of her. So when we met just at a party here in L.A. 20 years ago, I was like, 'you look so familiar' and finally we figured it out. Then we started talking and we've been friends ever since."

"Selling Sunset" is available to stream on Netflix.